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Stone bench
A Stone bench
Total materials
  • Stone bench
Skill and improvement


A stone slab on two bricks. It looks very inviting.

A bench is a decorative item made out of stone bricks, clay, and a slab.


  • When creating, the quality of the brick affects your success chance.
  • When creating, the stone slab affects the initial quality of the resulting bench.
  • When you fail creating, the stone brick and the stone slab are damaged.
  • Clay can be combined into larger lumps and it will only add 2kg per continue.
  • When creating the bench will be placed vertically on the floor in front of you.
  • Must be on the floor to continue building.
  • Can be loaded.
  • Cannot be picked up after completing, but can be pushed/pulled and turned.
  • Able to have items placed on it.
  • Can be created using stone brick, marble brick, sandstone brick, or slate brick.