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Invalidating Listeners

The page only mentions alignment changes as a cause for a listener being invalid. From sermon practice I know that also sacrificing, and killing an animal (player?) invalidates a listener. Other causes? --Ekcin (talk) 21:57, 7 March 2020 (PST)

15 minutes

Not quite sure (will check soon), but I believe the minium interval between prayers is 15 RL min, and not 20. Parsifal 14:56, 11 March 2007 (CDT)

Checked, and no faith after 16 minutes. Looks like 20 to me. - Dashiva 06:19, 13 March 2007 (CDT)

New system updates

--Axeblade 21:46, 19 November 2011 (UTC)

[23:34:53] Alignment decreased by 4.00 to -60.500

on followers

[23:35:25] <Arvis> gained 0.12 faith o.o

With 5 followers and 1 priest

In reply to Ago (Did not get any faith with only 1 follower, reverting to previous number of 5. Discuss if you think it's a different value) - i am sure its different for Freedom/Wild and Epic, Epic using the new and Freedom/Wild using the old system, i couldn't gather 6 followers to confirm - KaiH 21:25, 4 December 2011 (UTC)

02/05/2012 Update Notes

Followers of sermons now count as long as you have a deity and are in the same kingdom
On Deli KChat by Stargrace (PR manager)
[15:52:51] <Stargrace> Also I asked Rolf to confirm that it means you can be of a different deity (same Kingdom) and he said yes on IRC.
[15:53:07] <Stargrace> It seemed too good to be true =p
--Axeblade 14:10, 2 May 2012 (UTC)

Alignment gains testing notes

Natural decreases do NOT affect sermons (just as it don`t affect allignment gain timers) - retested 01 June 2012 (Thanks Taymoni {deli} for Risking it after a comment from Indi)
Allignment gains in the last 30mins from when the sermon ENDS affects the sermon. - retested 01 June 2012 (on Sincor)
Follower count at the end of the sermon. - retested 01 June 2012 (on Sincor alt came into range 30 secs before end)

--Axeblade (talk) 15:59, 1 June 2012 (CDT)
EDIT: After Further testing. I have Noticed that a Follower who got an alignment gain in the last 30 mins didnot count toward the sermon,

Converting someone to your religion (+/- 1) - so Sincor would have a +1 (this 100+1 = 100) Gain in that time and Toraanei did get a gain in the 30mins time frame
Sermon a few mins later on Flipp Failed so 30 mins appart

[19:35:25] <Sincor> Have you ever asked yourself that question?
[19:35:29] <Sincor> Vynora, our godess and guide, will help you seek the answer to that ancient riddle, just as we help her in her quest to know everything.
[19:35:32] <Sincor> Many secrets has she gathered, and we who call ourselves Seekers will be the first ones to learn.
[19:35:34] <Sincor> What is a Man? What is a Woman? What lies in darkness of the Void? Questions need answers!
[19:35:37] <Sincor> Seekers strive after excellence. We seek the truth in all things. We will go anywhere in our attempts to find it.
[19:35:40] <Sincor> True knowledge also brings us power. Power over self, but also power over others.
[19:35:44] <Sincor> Our gathered experience tells us that the best for all is to use that knowledge with care.
[19:35:46] <Sincor> Therefore most of us are peaceful and strive after a calm and orderly way to gather knowledge.
[19:35:49] <Sincor> Welcome to join the followers of Vynora!
[19:36:23] <Sincor> [19:36:15] Toraanei has now converted to Vynora!
[19:37:11] Sincor Order : Sincor (gonna try it - want to see if Allignment Breaks it ot if its just 30 mins appart) , Flippin, Kemp, TD , Malcolm ,Tay , --- AFK: the rest of em
[19:47:23] <Tayomi> disco dancing :P
[19:48:12] <Sincor> [19:48:05] Faith increased by 0.260 to 82.005 ---> We had 14 of which one had a alignment gain and thus didn`t count
[19:49:17] <Sincor> Ok I did a Conversion and Toraneei got allignment gains - and its 13 mins later and Sermon Worked
[19:49:21] <Tayomi> so it worked, nice
[19:49:39] <Sincor> I am trying FLip now to check what happens
[19:49:55] <Sincor> [19:48:40] Faith increased by 0.0219 to 82.027
[19:50:33] <Flippinsweett> [19:50:25] Preaching increased by 0.252 to 3.225 - NOPE
[19:50:35] <Tayomi> so 30 minutes is what it seems then
[19:50:45] <Sincor> Yes Just 30 mins appart
[19:50:51] <Tayomi> thats very cool.
[19:54:05] <Malcolm> As long as you have 7 folks w/o an alignment increase, we should be okay
[19:56:08] <Yellowfinger> heya guys
[19:56:22] <Cooljpx> o/