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Faith is the ethereal power of religious belief. In Wurm, it also gives priests the ability to cast spells and commit to other unique activities.


  • Praying may take place in back-to-back sessions, but a 20-minute cool-down period is needed between prayers in order for each subsequent prayer to count toward further faith skill gain, up to five times per day.
  • While additional prayer attempts between these cool-down periods will not raise faith, they will increase the player's prayer skill. If faith is not gained from a prayer, the action will not be counted against the five prayer per day limit. This scenario occurs when praying as non-premium.

Faith-Based Abilities

As a player gains faith along their religious journey, they can expect to also discover new, faith-based abilities. The following are some but not all of those reported abilities:

- At 10 faith, it becomes possible to sacrifice at altars and to desecrate altars.

- At 20 faith, god-specific bonuses become available. (Vynora-Small Exp. gain / Fo-Healing bonus / Magranon-Fight skill bonus / Libila--Fight skill bonus)

- At 30 faith, it becomes possible to become a priest of your chosen god. For additional information on the process of achieving such priesthood at this point, see priest. At 30 faith, it also becomes possible to receive the rewards granted by global spell casts.

- At 40 faith, it becomes possible to identify to which god an item was blessed: examining a blessed item will have "It bears an aura of <god>" in its description.

- At 50 faith, one can become a champion of their chosen god. For more detailed information on championhood, see champion.

Additional Notes

  • Without becoming a priest, it is not possible to raise faith above 30.
  • Faith-gain is not affected any differently by sleep bonus or by praying at different altar or tile types; all faith-gain is the same.
  • Faith is not lost when a player dies.
  • Faith gained on sermon is affected by altar rarity. (+1% for rare, +2% for supreme, +3% for fantastic).
  • Faith can be lost when going Unfaithful and performing actions your deity does not approve of. The faith loss occurs even if the action is cancelled before it is completed.


Holding a sermon is yet one more way in which a player may gain faith-related bonuses. This involves holding a service and preaching to a group of nearby listeners.


  • To hold a sermon, activate a statuette, right click an altar, and select Preach.
  • A valid listener is a premium player of the same kingdom and of any religion, who is within 4 tiles of the one giving the sermon (being mounted or on foot within this distance does not matter; being embarked on any type of vehicle, cart, however, invalidates the listener). Listeners are allowed to sit. They must also have not gained or lost any alignment within the past 30 minutes. If the player is already at maximum alignment, the alignment change might not be visible, but will still invalidate the listener. Note that listening to a sermon will always result in an alignment change.
  • The minimum number of listeners for faith-gain to take place is 4. At a normal altar the priest successfully holding a sermon gains 0.02 faith per valid listener. Faith bonus for altar rarity is an extra 1% for rare, 2% for supreme, and 3% for fantastic.
  • The priest giving the sermon does not count as a listener.
  • Sermons have a three-hour cooldown period for the sermon-giver, and within this time, the player cannot give another sermon. Within this cool-down period, however, the same preacher can effectively serve as a listener in another priest's sermon.
  • Note: if you did not gain at least 0.12 faith from the sermon itself, there were not enough valid listeners present to reset your prayer counter.

Listener Benefits

  • If listeners have less than 100.00 alignment, they may gain up to 4 alignment depending on the number of listeners (+ for WL, - for BL)
  • Note: sermons given by different priests need to be spaced at least 30 minutes apart in order to continue to benefit the listener.

Additional Priest Benefits

  • Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if at least 6 valid listeners attended.

Holy sites

Players can receive a map of a Holy site from giving sermons, but only on those actions that could possibly give faith.

Faith swap

Priests may swap their faith to another god by purchasing a Faith swap token from the Silver shop for 40 Silver coins or the Marks shop for 27000 Marks.

  • This bypasses the 7 day cooldown period that generally applies on PVE servers and immediately changes the priest to another faith.
  • This purchase does NOT give a token, but is used by right-clicking on an altar and selecting 'Swap faith'.


Note : The value returned by the tool below is much too high. Dividing the answer by 2 will give you an approximate estimate.
Online Faith gain Calculator


  • Padre/Norn at 50 faith
  • Devout/Mystic at 70 faith
  • Enlightened at 90 faith
  • Illuminated at 100 faith