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Faith gives priests the ability to cast spells at certain levels - see the information on each god for more information on these spells.

You gain faith (and some favor) by praying at altars after converting to a religion. The maximum amount of favor you can get while praying is equal to your current level of faith. You can gain faith 5 times per real-life day, but you must leave 20 minutes between these prayers. Any prayers in between these 5 prayers will not raise your faith but will get your prayer skill up.

You cannot raise faith above 30 without becoming a priest.

At 10 faith, you may desecrate altars.

At 20 faith, there are god specific bonuses. Vynora-Small Exp. gain / Fo-Healing bonus / Magranon-Fight skill bonus / Libila--Fight skill bonus

At 30 faith, you may travel to the Altar of Three(WL) or the Bone Altar(BL) (depending which of the Gods you follow) and become a priest of your god. If you're on the Freedom server, you'll need to find a priest from your religion with 40 faith to perform a ritual for you in order to become a priest yourself.

At 40 faith, you can identify to which god an item was blessed: examining a blessed item will have "It bears an aura of <god>" in its description.

At 50 faith, you can become a champion of your god on the Epic Elevation server; this does not carry over to the Freedom cluster, however. You can also randomly get flint, salt, and gems from praying.

Other Information

  • Faith gain is not affected by sleep bonus or by praying at different types of altars (i.e. made of gold, silver, stone, or wood). Faith skill is not lost when a player dies.
  • It can take a player approximately 12 days (praying five times a day) to reach the 30 faith needed to become a priest.
  • It can take a player approximately 100 days (praying five times a day) to reach 70 faith, at which point most spells are available.


Holding a sermon will reward a preacher with a faith related bonus when preaching to a group of listeners. A valid listener is a premium player of the same kingdom (both follower or priest), who has not done any actions that normally give alignment gain in the past 30 minutes and is near the preacher (4 tiles).

  • Sermons give 0.02 faith per valid listener (priest included) in the area, minimum listeners for faith gain is 4.
  • The priest giving the sermon does NOT count as a listener. So you need 7 players total to reset the prays for the day (the preacher and 6 valid listeners).
  • Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended. This counts only for Freedom servers, preachers on Epic servers do not get this benefit.
    • If you did not gain at least 0.12 faith from the sermon itself, you did not have enough valid listeners to reset your prayer counter.
    • Sermons do not reset the prayer timer
  • Followers of sermons now count as long as you have a deity and are in the same kingdom (since update of 2/05/2012)
  • A sermon has a three hour cooldown for the preacher. Within this time, the preacher cannot give another sermon. Although, within this window that same preacher can be a listener in another priest's sermon.
    • Server day reset does not reset the 3h cool down
    • If your listeners have less than 100.00 alignment they may gain up to 4 alignment depending on the number of listeners (+ for WL, - for BL)
  • Sermons made by different priests need to be spaced 30 mins apart to count.
  • A player with an alignment gain in the last 30mins doesn`t count toward towards a sermon (they won't cause a Sermon to fail but they wont count so make sure you have enough listeners excluding them)
    • Alignment gains exceeding 100.00 still count as a gain for sermon purposes. Even if you have 100.00 alignment, doing any actions that would normally give alignment gain will still invalidate you as a listener.
  • A mounted player can count as a listener (mounted on horse, but not embarked on a cart)
  • Sermons indicate how much praying is required until the god's ritual (Ritual of the Sun, Rite of Spring, Holy Crop, and Rite of Death) is ready. In order from right after casting the ritual to the ritual being almost ready (some messages may be missing, please add if you see some):
    • Priestname explains how Godname is in the waning crescent and needs you to do more for him so that he may manifest his powers.
    • Priestname explains how Godname is still waning and needs you to keep working for her so that she may manifest her powers.
    • Priestname explains how Godname is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that she may manifest her powers.
    • Priestname speaks of miracles soon to come.


Note : The value returned by the tool below is much too high. Dividing the answer by 2 will give you an approximate estimate.
Online Faith gain Calculator


  • Padre/Norn at 50 faith
  • Devout/Mystic at 70 faith
  • Enlightened at 90 faith