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how about adding the tools required for jewelry smithing? ~jj

Out of Date Information

At the very least some of the portions of Gavin's section is no longer current. For instance, it states clearly that their should be no difference in the value of any JS item, but a 30ql silver ring has a Get Price of 19c, and a 30ql silver statue of Vynora is worth 71c.

It also implies no difference in the respective values of gold vs silver.

As a last note (and a pet issue) is the direct personal credit. Maintaining a wiki is not about personal accomplishment.

To help reconstruct this page's data, please help fill in this chart:

Item Metal Quality Get Price Trader Price (s) Approx Favor
Statuette Gold 40.29 1.6235 32(.47)
Statuette Silver 40.04 1.2820 25(.64)
Candelbra Gold 40.26 0.81 16(.2)
Candelbra Silver 40.01 0.64 12(.8)
Necklace Gold 40.41 0.5715 11(.43)
Necklace Silver 40.22 0.4528 9(.056)
Ring Gold 40.26 0.4170 8(.34)
Ring Silver 40.86 0.3324 3(.648)

Favor gain = 1/5th of the Get Price seems to hold true.

Upgraded the chart(27th Jan 2010) with both gold and silver items. It seems gold gives around 25% more get price. ~Polan

I value simplicity and feel that table will become too much. Here is a possible alternate path. Weird, these math codes work for Wikipedia. Item constant times item quality squared equals get price in iron.
<math>\text {item constant}\times\text {quality}^2=\text {get price in iron}</math>
Since five copper equals one favor we just divide the above equation by 500 to get favor.
<math>{\text {item constant}\times\text {quality}^2\over 500 }=\text {favor}</math>

get price table
Item Constant
candelbra,gold 5
candelbra,silver 4
necklace,gold 3.5
necklace,silver 2.75
ring,gold 2.5
ring,silver 2
statuette,gold 10
statuette,silver 8

Joedobo 03:29, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Out of date info I removed:
(Note: Information is out of date. See Discussion Page)
Facts about JSing
- Every item is worth the same; the only thing that matters is if it is made of Gold or Silver, and mostly the quality of said item (with some exceptions)
- Every item gives the same skill gain, no matter what it is; the only thing that affects skill gain is how high you imp said item

Here is a little graph I drew up about Favor gain, Worth, and Get Price and what you can get at optimum from traders

Note: I no longer get 10 favour from 30ql gold rings, only about 4-5 favour

-- I'm going to go ahead and add updated info about favor&prices. Tested it today, so it's accurate. Aeris 18:22, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

All highly detailed information for sacrificing, get price, and favor should be removed from this page and sourced to the Base Price page. It does a better job at explaining what is really going on, better than anything I have ever seen on this page.Joedobo 06:48, 24 February 2011 (UTC)