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Jewelry is primarily used for selling to traders and sacrificing at altars for favor. Some of the jewelry made can be worn. Jewelry smithing primarily uses gold and silver lumps.


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Item Weight Anvil size Material
Altar 5.0 kg large gold, silver
Ball 0.3 kg small gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, brass, steel
Birdcage 10.0 kg n/a brass
Bowl 0.3 kg large gold, silver, iron, copper, bronze, steel
Bracelet 0.3 kg small gold, silver
Candelabra 2.5 kg small gold, silver, iron, copper
Chain (jewelry) 0.1 kg small gold, silver
Necklace 0.1 kg small gold, silver
Pendulum 0.4 kg n/a determined by material of the ball
Ring 0.05 kg small gold, silver
Statuette 1.0 kg small gold, silver

Note: Jewelry chains and balls cannot be sold to a trader

Favor&Price (2011 Feb 22)

Gold and Silver are not the same, neither in terms of favor nor money, so they're put in separate groups.
Some decimals have been omitted as the test wasn't perfect (some extra QL decimals for the items etc), but this should be a good approximation of the actual values.

Gold QL40

Item Get Price (s) Trader Offer (s) Approx Favor
Statuette of deity 1.67 13.23 32
Statuette 0.81 6.42 16
Candelbra 0.8 6.37 16
Necklace 0.56 4.43 11
Ring 0.4 3.17 8

Silver QL40

Item Get Price (s) Trader Offer (s) Approx Favor
Statuette of deity 1.32 10.51 26
Statuette 0.65 5.21 13
Candelbra 0.64 5.12 13
Necklace 0.45 3.57 9
Ring 0.32 2.55 6

The Base Price page has formulas and a more elaborate explanation of the relationship between favor and get price. Two useful approximation are:

  1. 1/5 of get price (coppers) equals one favor;
  2. 7/4 of get price equals offered price.


  • Gold and silver lumps weigh 0.1kg whereas iron weighs 1.0kg
  • Jewelry's trade value depends on the type of metal used in its creation.
  • Some special Rift jewelry is available as rewards from participating in Rifts, but cannot be created by players.


  • Goldsmith at 50 skill
  • Renowned Goldsmith at 70 skill
  • Midas Touch at 90 skill