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Manny, do you really call that a tutorial? you don't NEED to flatten the ground for a road, the flatten function rarely works the way it should and you don't go through the whole thing in a step by step process... all you do infact, is practically link to the paving skill. I was just hoping for something a little more definitive like the Woodcutting or Pottery Tutorials that guides you through virtually the entire process as though you know nothing, which in many cases is true, thus the tutorial, instead of divying up the information by name... Or am i just being pedantic?--Karmien Hearthflame 08:49, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

That page is listed here because I merged the road construction tutorial with the paving skill page and moved them here from the newbie links page. I think having seperate tutorials from the skill pages isn't good. Information will often get unnecessarily redundant, incorrect and contradictory. Users will often not know where to look for the information they need.
As for the leveling information in the paving skill page, that was added by Maluraq because he thought it was relevant to paving, and I have to agree with that. Considering the page is about paving, I think he has adequately explained on how to level, and when the flattening action might be useful. The flattening action itself works exactly the way it should, and it has a more detailed page of it's own explaining explaining flattening step-by-step. Manny 11:00, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

Hmm, not completely a bad viewpoint, so i think i'll justify why i chose to do it, if you agree with me we might make a seperate tutorial for Roadmaking and Paving... of course, if i agree with you that no new tutorial is neccesary then i'll simply add in a few details that might be vital for the less clued in players.

I first made the pottery and woodcutting tutorials to bring a lot of scattered but highly related information together (How different is making a Bowl from a Pot?) and then include the hints and tips that have become common knowledge and common courtesy amongst the older players(Don't cut down young trees, try to replant, ask permission etc)... While the existing information is good, and concise, it is geared towards those who already know the system, and isn't always reflective of the entire process(Rockshards for gravel gotcha... now how do i make this square into gravel?), the tutorials i hoped, would include the information experienced players would find redundant (thus, why they don't use the tutorials) but new players desperately need if they are unfamiliar with this new particular skill... also by lumping it together like this, someone who wants to learn how to make a barrel for instance, might find out how to make a chest even if he's never seen one, or someone learns that pots are better for water than flasks

I think experienced players use the Wikisearch, and tend to find the page about the specific item they want (barrels for instance)... and that is fine and good for them, because they know the gaps between the highly condensed information, Newbies however, if they have had good experiences with the tutorial links page, return there again and again, until they understand enough about the game to bypass the tutorials and seek out specific information(plus he may find out a chest is better for what he wants than a barrel, even if he's never seen or made one)... when they seek out specific information earlier, it doesn't guide them through the process... Misinformation may be a problem, but the information would REALLY only be repeated twice, hardly a Herculean Feat to edit, and if the wiki has to conform to two target audiences (the experienced and the new) then it might NEED to be repeated in order to be properly geared to the appropriate user--Karmien Hearthflame 22:34, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

We need to make a Category for the Tutorials

I think we should make a category for the tutorials and not just link them to this page. -Cono 21:03, 21 May 2008 (CDT)