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Main Page / Tutorials

Warning: this article is work in progress. Expect frequent changes.
Helpful tutorials actively maintained by Wurmpedia staff will be listed here - this is currently being worked on. Contact the Wurmpedia manager if you would like to help with writing new tutorials!

List of "getting started" tutorials

  • First 24 Hours - A handheld guide on how to get established in your first 24 hours of gameplay(August 2011)
  • Overview II - Interface and "first steps" (August 2012)
  • Overview III - Digging, Pottery, and Cooking. (October 2010)
  • Overview I - Detailed overview of important game concepts (July 2010)

Specific tutorials

  • Starting with Nothing - How to make the most basic tools in Wurm, when you have nothing.(September 2013)
  • Flattening - A guide for how to flatten a piece of land effectively. (also see: Digging)(June 2012)