Transmutation liquid (Gift)

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Transmutation liquid (Gift)
A Transmutation liquid (Gift)

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Transmutation liquid (Gift) (0.14 kg)
Skill and improvement
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A liquid that will transform one metal lump or resource into another.


Activate the liquid, right-click on the target item and select Transmutate.

Different target items require specific amounts of liquid depending on their size or volume, for example a heavy lump needs more than a smaller one. An message will appear in the event window should the liquid be of too small volume to be able to transmute.

  • Newly acquired it will come as 0.14 kg in a 60 ql glass flask which can hold 0.25 kg of a liquid in total.
  • The 99 ql liquid loses weight per use; the amount may not be apparent as the consumption will be between < 0.01 kg to 0.02 kg.
  • If you try to drink it, you will see this in your event window: Eww... the transmutation liquid tastes funny and won't quench your thirst at all!
  • Item may be dropped by a player and on death.
  • Liquid does not work on anything made from metal, just the lumps themselves.
  • Liquid does nothing to newer metals, such as moonmetals, or electrum.



A gift from Santa Claus to premium players in 2009.