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Unidentified fragment
A Unidentified fragment


  • Unidentified fragment (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A fragment of another item. You think you can see how multiples of these fragments may fit together in a way that restores the original item. A [metal brush/chisel] would be useful to clear away some dirt and rock from it.

Unidentified fragments are found by investigating a tile.


Unidentified fragments can be identified by using a stone chisel and/or a metal brush. Activate the tool, right click on the unidentified fragment and select Identify.

  • The IDENTIFY action can be bound to a key.

Once identified, the fragment will state how many other fragments need to be combined in order to create a finished product.

This uses the Restoration skill.


Either upon investigation, or during the restoration process, you may encounter one of the following types of partially identified fragments.

  • Unidentified Wooden fragment
  • Unidentified Weapon fragment
  • Unidentified Tool fragment
  • Unidentified Metal fragment
  • Unidentified Container fragment
  • Unidentified Brick fragment
  • Unidentified Armor fragment

at higher skill levels you may dig an item of a specific type directly, eg. ore fragment or wooden fragment. basically at any point on the identification spectrum.