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About me

I'm currently residing on home server. I mainly do carpentry and woodcutting and do little in other skills. I'm working for the carpentry title at the moment! I started playing in October 2004 and the Gold 2 map is my 6th map. I was in Stronghold in my first map, and Darkwood in my second and third maps. In the fourth map I did very little, and towards the end I helped around Greentown. In the fifth map I did participate in a revival of Darkwood/Stronghold with Dramen, but not much happened.

For more, see my player page.

Wiki stuff

Sub-pages (used for temporary working copies etc)

Helpful player

This is a helpful Jenn-Kellon (white light) player on the wild server. While in-game try to message this person if you need help. The command for this is /tell <playername>