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Main / Skills / Woodcutting


Woodcutting is the skill used in cutting trees down, chopping them up for logs, and creating kindling.

The quality of the felled trees you get depends on how high your woodcutting skill is. The quality of the log you get from felled trees depends on the felled tree quality - a higher skill yields more logs of top quality, lower skill yields more QL 1 logs. The same goes for kindling.

Damaged felled trees (from decay) will often yield QL 1 logs and no woodcutting skill when chopped up.

Tools required

A hatchet is best. If unavailable, other axe types also work.

Additionally, you can also use a long sword, two handed sword, shovel, pickaxe, sickle, rake, or scythe to cut down a tree, but only a Hatchet, axe or saw will be able to chop a felled tree into logs.


Tree types

  • Pine tree - Very abundant.
  • Birch tree - Burns well and is good for making buildings as it grows fast and is generally abundant.
  • Willow tree - These hulking trees are like oaks in that they destroy other trees and must be planted apart. Used for making bows and fishing rods.
  • Oak tree - Tools made from Oak take 20% less damage through use. Oaks require room to grow and will kill other trees near it. They must be planted by themselves and must be planted away from each other. Slow growing.
  • Cedar tree - Best used for containers, as it slows the decay rate of the container. Does not effect the items inside the container. Also used for making arrows.
  • Maple tree - Used for making arrows.
  • Linden tree
  • Chestnut tree
  • Walnut tree - Charcoal piles made from walnut give a 10% bonus to the quality of the items it produces.
  • Fir tree

Fruit trees produce a wood scrap if cut down when young or mature, a less than full weight log if old, or older.


Skill 1-60 - Use a 1 QL Hatchet with CoC. Cut down any & all trees, overaged being the best age. Be sure to repair the hatchet at 50 damage.

From skill 60/70-90+ skill you'll want to exclusively chop down high difficulty trees (chestnut and above)


  • High quality logs are especially in demand for improving carpentry and fine carpentry items.
  • Overaged trees yield the most wood. Cutting trees younger than mature is a waste of time and resources.
  • Forestry skill over 30 allows you to tell the age of trees without examining them.
  • Woodcutting can be done while moving, so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.
  • A message of "Your muscles weaken as you try to cut down the tree. You just can't bring yourself to do it." indicates that you are on GM protected land and cannot chop down trees here. Move off the deed or away from that area and try elsewhere.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Lumberjack at 50 skill
  • Timberman/Timberwoman at 70 skill
  • Deforester at 90 skill
  • Wurmian Termite at 100 skill