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The guy

A guy that seems to spend more time contributing to the wiki then playing. I'm a citizen of Kyara since Wurm:Dreams (last beta).

The name

Kanif comes from the french word canif which can be translated as pocket knife.

The projects

  • A french branch of the wiki with Kiro.
  • Tidying some pages in the wiki.
  • Give a few models and textures.

The tools

Resize_of_tour_small.jpg The old
Pocket knife made for the World Expo of 1889, the 100th birthday of the French revolution. Brass engraved handle that represent the Tour Eiffel and the Champs de Mars, the École Militaire and the hôtel les invalides which is upside down.
e55-e55x-compare.jpg The now
A large lockback folder under five ounces, the Leatherman Expanse® e55/e55x is sleek and functional for those who know premium materials and excellence in engineering. It has a stainless steel reinforced handle, 154CM blade, and hidden carabiner/bottle opener for when you need a knife, and you don't need a tool. Slim, simple, and substantial, sometimes that's all you need.
180px-Katana-Dresden.jpg When all else fails
Katana of the 16th or 17th Century, with its saya.