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Notice: Banned Account

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This account has been banned from Wurm Online for Client Modifications

The lesson to learn from this, kids, is to never let anyone else on your account.

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Home Server


Serenity Port

Near the beginning of the Gold 2 map, Siege spawned on the Home server, new to the game and utterly clueless. After spending a couple weeks around Newtown, he headed south, skirting the mountain until he came upon a road. After following the road for awhile, he ended up in Serenity Port. Amara greeted him and offered him a meal. He quickly became a member, and began developing his skills. He first decided to focus on masonry here.


Many members of Serenity Port|SP grew unhappy with the leadership and decided to form their own village, to be run the way they deemed fit. Siege assisted Crimsonmori in doing some scouting, and upon discovering gold near a potential location, a large group from SP uprooted and moved to the NE end of the map. Siege began converting the entire town to stone houses and became a Mason here. However, Crim grew restless and left for the Wild server and joined the town of Whosville after Pinkdaisy and company had slain the White Dragon, whom the village had endeared as Taco, in their backyard. Siege had been wanting to leave for Wild as well, and after a long discussion with the village, most followed. Siege never finished converting the village to stone.

Wild Server

Horde of the Summoned

Libilian Outlaws|Libilian Outlawz

After the incident with the village's beloved Taco, it was agreed that the village would join the Blacklighters, as Wossoo had been helping the group attempt to protect their dragon using an alt he had on the Home server. The group stayed shortly with Libilian Outlaws|LO while Crimsonmori was scouting a location to plant the deed.


The village suffered from low morale for awhile as it was being built, but the group still continued to hone their skills. Siege became a Trollslayer and High mason while here. He also attained the skills that would later help him become a Sculptor in Shadow Requiem. Darkwoods|DW was the first village where Siege was promoted from citizen to elder.

Shadow Requiem

Siege began scouting a large area around Libilian Outlaws|LO, Darkwoods|DW, and Obsidia for reasons he now forgets. After accidentally ending up at Obsidia, he began discussions with Kabill about a possible merge between the two villages. After a long and arduous debate within , the merger went through, and the two villages relocated and formed Shadow Requiem. Siege was one of the original elders of the village, and had watched the village grow to be one of the largest and most active BL settlements during its peak. He became a Carpenter, Digger, Fletcher, and Handyman while here.



Siege, along with a small group from Shadow Requiem|SR, decided to go with Wossoo and become some of the first to sculpt the kingdom of Mol-Rehan. The group met up with Whosville|WV, who had decided to convert as a village and stayed there until they could plant their own deed.


Siege was one of the original elders, and had become a Renowned Carpenter, Repairman, Tracker, and had attained the skills that would later make him an Arrowmaker while here.

Vindicator's Den

Siege accepted an invitation from Garrettwademan and joined Vindicator's Den|VD because his goals had split from those of Camelot's.

Libilian Outlaws|Libilian Outlawz

After Vindicator's Den|VD became inactive, Siege finally accepted a long-standing invitation to join Libilian Outlaws|LO. Siege had become an Archer, Fearless, a Giantslayer, a Miner, and a Lumberjack while here.

Horde of the Summoned

The Horde

After becoming bored with being a near carbon copy of Jenn-Kellon and disagreeing with the actions of some of the leadership of Libilian Outlaws|LO, Siege set off to rejoin HotS. He had become a Dragonslayer, Main Thug under Empress Wwiiol, and a Soldier while here. After Wwiiol abdicated the leadership role, Siege ventured with a small group of BL to take the test to become the next Emperor. On Wrath Day in week 3 of the Starfall of Silence, Siege became the third Emperor of HotS. During his reign as Emperor, Siege became a Player Assistant and Prime Minester.


Libilian Outlaws|Libilian Outlawz

After stepping down as a Player Assistant due to a post on the forums from Rolf that implied that HoTS was being and would continue to be ignored in terms of game balance, Siege also stepped down as Emperor to allow the few remaining HotS members to move on. With the introduction of Home server raiding, the account market simply dried up, preventing a decent sale of the account. Siege then returned to Libilian Outlaws|LO to bide his time. Siege has become a Mercenary and Timberman while here.

Unfortunately, Siege let the wrong player on his account and ended up on the ban list when Rolf cracked down on client modifications. Siege had paid Pancakebunny to regain his fighting after the nerf (it was at 65 and dropped to 45) as he didn't have the time or patience himself. Pancakebunny and at least 3 other accounts besides Siege that he had had access to showed up on the list. It's unfortunate, but it happens. Guess the story ends here, eh?



  • Arrowmaker