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Titles are earned when a player reaches certain skill milestones. When a title is used players of the same kingdom can see the title in use by that player when hovering the mouse over the player. For a player to see their own title they should hover over their healthbar.

  • Players can equip two titles in whichever order they desire.
    • When a title has an effect on improving (for example, improving armour), only the first title has an effect.
  • Chat commands:
    • /title: displays the title currently in use
    • /titles: gives the option to select an active title from those available

Known Skilling Titles

There are no titles for Favor nor Alignment.

Characteristic titles

Skill 50 Title 70 Title 90 Title
Body Athlete Body Builder Olympian
Body control Controlled Disciplined Acrobat
Body stamina Enduring Perseverent Indefatigable
Body strength Robust Strongman Atlas
Mind Thinker Scholar Philosopher
Mind logic Logician Genius Smarty Pants
Mind speed Quick Witty Prodigy
Soul Spiritualist Visionary Maverick
Soul strength Resolute Deepwalker Stormwalker
Soul depth Soulman Spirited Runemaster

Skill titles

Skill 50 Title 70 Title 90 Title 100 Title
Aggressive fighting Feisty Belligerent Barbarian
Alchemy Alchemist Chemist Shaman
Animal husbandry Drover Granger Rancher Zoologist
Animal taming Animal Trainer Beastspeaker Beastmaster
Archaeology Investigator Archaeologist Curator Witness to Decay
Archery Archer Hawk Eye Eagle Eye
Armour smithing [1] Armoursmith Renowned Armorer Master Armourer
Axes Axeman/woman Berserker Fleshrender
Baking Boulanger Bakesale Confissier Breaking Bread
Ballistae N/A N/A N/A N/A
Beverages Bartender Party Animal Sommelier Cocktail Shaker
Blacksmithing Blacksmith Renowned Blacksmith Master Blacksmith Anvil of Tears
Blades smithing N/A
Botanizing Herbalist Botanist Loremaster
Bowyery Bowmaker Able bowmaker Master bowmaker Bow Down
Butchering Butcher Slicer Master Butcher
Butchering knife Dissector Skinner Cleaver
Carpentry Carpenter Renowned Carpenter Master Carpenter Legendary Architect
Carving knife Stabber Carver Whittler
Catapults Rock Hurler Wall Breaker Eradicator
Chain armour smithing [1] Chainsmith Renowned Chainsmith Master Chainsmith Chains of Time
Channeling Channeler Conduit Casting specialist Shattered
Climbing Mountaineer Sherpa Cliffhanger
Cloth tailoring [1] Tailor Dreamweaver Seamster/Seamstress Fateweaver
Clubs Clubber Thumper Smasher
Coal-making Coaler Renowned Coaler Master Coaler
Cooking Cook Chef Master Chef Chef de Cuisine
Dairy food making Cheesemaker Artisan Cheesemaker Master Cheesemaker
Defensive fighting Defensive Steadfast Guardian
Digging Digger Excavator Land Shaper Earthwurm
Exorcism Exorcist Zealot Terrorwringer
Faith Padre/Norn Devout/Mystic Enlightened Illuminated
Farming Farmer Crofter Master Farmer Pumpkin King
Fighting Soldier Mercenary Knight/Amazon Swift Death
Fine carpentry Fine Carpenter Renowned Fine Carpenter Mighty Fine Carpenter
Firemaking Pyrotechnic Arsonist Pyromaniac
First aid Quacksalver Medic Paramedic
Fishing Fisherman/woman Angler Kingfisher Hooked on Fishing
Fletching Fletcher Arrowmaker Master Fletcher Quivering with Excitement
Foraging Forager Plant Gatherer Master of Plants
Forestry Forester Arboriculturist Arbophiliac Lorax
Gardening Greenthumbs Gardener Jiko Enkai Zenji
Halberd Pikeman Halberdier Woman At Arms
Hammer Tapper Knocker Pounder
Hammers [2] Hammerer Assaulter Thor
Hatchet Woodsman Hewer Tomahawk Slayer of Trees
Healing Healer Doctor Surgeon
Hot food cooking Caterer Iron chef Saucier Legendary Chef
Huge axe Huge Axeman Headsman Axecutioner Legendary Decapitator
Huge club Troll Forest Giant Kyklops
Jewelry smithing Goldsmith Renowned Goldsmith Midas touch Rumpelstiltskin
Knives Knifer Piercer Knife Specialist
Large axe Large Axeman/woman Battleaxe Viking
Large maul Large Mauler Siegebreaker Hand of Magranon God/Goddess of Thunder
Large metal shield Sturdy Heavy Defender Sturdy Heavy Bastion Sturdy Heavy Bulwark Held the Line
Large wooden shield Nimble Heavy Defender Nimble Heavy Bastion Nimble Heavy Bulwark Immovable Object
Leatherworking [1] Tanner High Tanner Master Tanner Master/Mistress of the Hide
Lockpicking Lock Breaker Safe Cracker Vault Shadow
Locksmithing Locksmith Safe Smith Master Locksmith
Long bow Longbowman Marksman Robin Hood
Long spear Spearman Hussar Spartan
Long sword Long Swordsman Fighter Myrmidon
Masonry Mason High Mason Master Mason Another Brick In The Wall
Mauls Mauler Bonker Crusher
Meditating Guru Swami Rama
Medium bow Bowman Skirmisher Ranger
Medium maul Medium Mauler Whacker Cracker
Medium metal shield Sturdy Defender Sturdy Bastion Sturdy Bulwark Aegis
Medium wooden shield Nimble Defender Nimble Bastion Nimble Bulwark Aspis
Metallurgy Smelter Metallurgist Master Metallurgist
Milking Milkman/Milkmaid Milking Machine Cow Whisperer Udder Madness
Milling Miller Grain Expert Master Miller
Mining Miner Prime Minester Mastermine The World is Mine
Miscellaneous items Handyman/woman Tim the Toolman/woman Fixer
Natural substances Apothecarist Transmutator Rainbow Maker Supernatural
Nature Ecologist Treehugger Druidkin
Normal fighting Infantry Sergeant Captain
Papyrusmaking Papermaker Pulp-beater Book Maker Bookwurm
Paving Roadbuilder Road Engineer Road Warrior World Connector
Pickaxe Rockbreaker Tunneller Vein Destroyer Mountain Eater
Plate armour smithing [1] Platesmith Renowned Platesmith Master Platesmith Imperial Dragonsmith
Polearms Lancer Phalanx Impaler
Pottery Potter Moulder Master Potter/Terracotta Terror
Praying Reverent Pious Ascetic
Preaching Preacher Orator Soothsayer
Prospecting Prospector Geologist Goldsniffer I am so Vein
Puppeteering Puppeteer Entertainer Puppetmaster First Jester of Wurm
Rake Cultivator Furrower Harrower We are farmers
Religion Spiritual Theological Zealous
Repairing Repairman/woman Materia Tamer Master Fixer Damage Control
Restoration Restorer Fragmented Conservator Ancient Fraggle
Ropemaking Ropemaker Renowned Ropemaker Hangman/woman
Saw I'm Sawry Chainsaw Jigsaw Tom Sawyer
Scythe Harvester Reaper Hand of Libila Reaper of Souls
Shield bashing Basher Stunner Juggernaut
Shield smithing Shieldsmith Able Shieldsmith Master Shieldsmith Forge of the Shieldwall
Shovel Shoveler Packer Undertaker Ace Of Spades
Shields Shieldsman/woman Defender/Defendress Protector Invincible Wall
Shipbuilding Harbormaster Shipwright Master Shipwright Ancient Mariner
Short bow Shortbowman Bowhunter Point Blank
Short sword Short Swordsman Gladiator Assassin
Sickle Pruner Gatherer Fully Sickle
Small axe Small Axeman Hacker Ripper
Small maul Small Mauler Banger Masher
Small metal shield Sturdy Light Defender Sturdy Light Bastion Sturdy Light Bulwark Ogleshield
Small wooden shield Nimble Light Defender Nimble Light Bastion Nimble Light Bulwark Bin lid wielder
Smithing Smith Tinker Master Smith Ill-Tempered
Staff Disciple Monk Sensei
Stealing Pickpocket Burglar Robber Criminal Mastermind
Stone chisel Brickmaker Chipper One More Brick
Stone cutting Sculptor Artist Michelangelo Chiseled to perfection
Swords Swordsman/woman Duelist Swordsmaster/Swordsmistress
Tailoring Textiler Needlefriend Velcro Fly
Taunting Annoying Repulsive Loathsome
Thatching Thatcher Roofer Master Thatcher
Thievery Pilferer Thief Master Thief
Toy making Toymaker Gepetto Master Toymaker
Toys Performer Manipulator Thespian
Tracking Tracker Pathfinder Master Pathfinder Bloodhound of Wurm
Traps It's a Trap! Trapper Snare Artist
Trebuchets N/A N/A N/A N/A
Two handed sword Twohanded Swordsman Templar Paladin Savagely Striking
War machines Destroyer Demolisher Siege Master/Mistress
Warhammer Sledgehammer Dwarf Stag King
Weapon heads smithing N/A
Weapon smithing Weaponsmith Arms master Master Weaponsmith Accessory to Murder
Weaponless fighting Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight
Woodcutting Lumberjack Timberman/woman Deforester Wurmian Termite
Yoyo Trickster Freestyler Wild One Legendary Woodspinner
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Using a title of the appropriate skill while improving items that count as human or horse armour gives a bonus to imping
  2. This "Hammers" refers to the parent skill of Hammers, with the child skill of Warhammer. It does not refer to Misc. Item's Hammer skill.

Meditating titles

Each meditation path has a different set of titles. * New bonus available at this level.

Level Skill Path of Knowledge Path of Insanity Path of Power Path of Love Path of Hate
0 15 Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated Uninitiated
1 15 Initiate Initiate Initiate Initiate Initiate
2 15 Eager Disturbed Gatherer Nice Ridiculous
3 15 Explorer Crazed Greedy Gentle Envious
4* 15 Sheetfolder Deranged Strong Warm Hateful
5 15 Desertmind Sicko Released Goodhearted Finger
6 20 Observer Mental Unafraid Giving Sheep
7* 30 Bookkeeper Psycho Brave Rock Snake
8 40 Mud-dweller Beast Performer Splendid Shark
9* 50 Thought Eater Maniac Liberator Protector Infection
10 60 Crooked Drooling Force Respectful Swarm
11* 70 Enlightened Gone Vibrant Light Saint Free
12* 80 12th Hierophant 12th Eidolon 12th Sovereign 12th Deva 12th Harbinger
13* 90 13th Hierophant 13th Eidolon 13th Sovereign 13th Deva 13th Harbinger
14 90 14th Hierophant 14th Eidolon 14th Sovereign 14th Deva 14th Harbinger
15 90 15th Hierophant 15th Eidolon 15th Sovereign 15th Deva 15th Harbinger

100 Skill(s) are known as legendary titles. Information and proof of implementation used to be tracked on the forum thread , but it seems to be stale now and cannot be relied on.

Journal Titles

Title given from completion of levels in the ingame skill and priest journals.

Crafter journal titles

Step Title
First Steps Apprentice
Finding the Path Learned
Gathering Stride Experienced
Paved With Stone Skilled
On the Highway Accomplished
Picking up Speed Proficient
The Winding Road Talented
Going the Distance Professional
The Road Less Traveled Expert
Destinations Unknown Master

Priest journal titles

Step Title
Dedication Blessed
Approbation Angelic
Benediction Divine

Special & Event titles

PVP Titles

Title Requirement
Champion of Fo Become a champion of Fo.
Champion of Libila Become a champion of Libila.
Champion of Magranon Become a champion of Magranon.
Champion of Vynora Become a champion of Vynora.
Champion Emeritus Lose champion status.
Dawn of Glory Destroy the Altar of Three or the Bone Altar.
Warmaid Obtain a battle rank of 1100 as a female character.
Warrior Obtain a battle rank of 1100 as a male character.
Battlemaster Obtain a battle rank of 1500 as a male character.
Battlemaiden Obtain a battle rank of 1500 as a female character.
Cavalier Kill ten different aggressive creatures, enter enemy land and gain 80 skill points.
Fallen Cavalier Lose Cavalier status by becoming Hunted. (This title removes Cavalier title)
Warlord Obtain a battle rank of 1900 as a male character.
Valkyrie Obtain a battle rank of 1900 as a female character.
Kingslayer Attack the Grand Prince/Chancellor/Emperor/Chief before he/she dies.
Renowned Bard Win the Great Wurm Anthem Competition (Zort and IronLion were the winners).
Slayer of champions Kill a champion player.
Participant of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event.
Bloodhound of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 3 separate times.
Leader of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 5 separate times.
Master of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 10 separate times.
King of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 20 separate times.

Event titles

Title Requirement
Ageless Get a premium account in the first week of Gold release.
Keepers of Truth Pay a premium account for a year in the first week of Gold release.
Keeper of Faith This title is given to all whitelighter players that were registered before January 2007.
Destroyer of Faith This title is given to all blacklighter players that were registered before January 2007.
Dragonslayer Attack a dragon before it dies.
Giantslayer Attack the forest giant or the kyklops before it dies.
Fearless Attack the goblin leader before it dies.
Trollslayer Land a blow to a troll prior to its death (Title awarded upon death).
Educated Finish the tutorial (previously on Golden Valley, now on Haven).
Rift Defender Attack one of the rift monsters before it dies.
Rifter Successfully close a rift. Title is awarded to all players involved.
Clairvoyant Report several bugs.
Winner Win the game by completing all of your personal achievements.
Marker Redeem marks in the loyalty shop.
Pointer Redeem 50k marks in the loyalty shop.

Premium reward titles

Title Requirement
Rider of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 4 months since Dec 2013.
Chieftain of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 7 months since Dec 2013.
Ambassador of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 10 months since Dec 2013.
Baron/Baroness of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 14 months since Dec 2013.
Jarl/Countess of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 18 months since Dec 2013.
Duke/Duchess of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 23 months since Dec 2013.
Provost of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 30 months since Dec 2013.
Marquis/Marchioness of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 40 months since Dec 2013.
Grand Duke/Duchess of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 54 months since Dec 2013.
ViceRoy of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 70 months since Dec 2013.
Prince/Princess of Lomaner You have been premium a total of 100 months since Dec 2013.

PVP Titles

On the Chaos and Epic servers the leaders of each kingdom can appoint several offices to players of their choosing, some of which grant the holder special abilities or items, as well as a title. The number of titles a kingdom leader can grant is dependent on the kingdom's size (method of determination unknown) though there is a guaranteed minimum number.


JK Office name MR Office name HOTS office name Function Abilities/Items granted
Grand Prince/Grand Princess Chancellor Emperor/Empress Kingdom leader Fighting bonus(+3CR), ability to grant offices
Information Minister Head of the secret police Bloodwhisperer Info on enemy Allows you to see who of the enemy offices are online
Court magus Court magus Shaman/Shamaness Faster favor regeneration Favor regenerates twice(?) as fast.
Earl Marshal Defense advisor Chief of the Cabal Kingdom defense Ability to know when your kingdom's guard towers are under attack, as well as the Tower location relative to your own position on the map.
Court Smith Court Smith Painwringer Kingdom smith Higher % when creating items
Court Jester Court Harlequin Dancer -- --
Chief of economy Economic advisor Main thug Kingdom economics Ability to see the amount of money in the King's coffers and the amount possessed by traders, as well as the ratios for each trader in the kingdom.
Royal priest Religious advisor Seer Less favor Allows priests/champions to cast spells only costing them 1/2 the normal favor
Royal mistress Betrothed Lover/Mistress -- --
Royal avenger Executioner Assassin/Nightingale Fighter Fighting bonus (+2CR) and stealth bonus
Royal cook Court chef Party Fixer/Party Hostess Cook Makes meals higher quality
Royal herald Court announcer Harbinger Announcer Ability to write messages to area history and announce players in local event windows

Kingdom titles

The great (and not so great) kings of Wurm are ranked within the Kingdom History, which can be viewed on any settlement token. Titles that appear after kingdom leaders' names in a settlement token's Kingdom History. There are two known sets of titles, which combine to form the displayed title. One is gained from having a high/low kingdom expansion. The other is gained from a high/low success percentage, which is simply the number of levels (Offices) killed by said kingdom divided by the number of its offices killed by opposing kingdoms. Due to differences in scores, it is possible to have a title such as "_____ the Stupid Savior".

Expansion Titles

Subtitle Rate
Traitor -50%
Failed -30%
Stupid -10%

Success Titles

Subtitle Rate

Staff & Volunteer titles

Role Title
CA Community Assistant
CM Chat Moderator

Staff & volunteer banners

All staff and volunteers receive a forum banner denoting their position.

Creator1.png Dev1.png SA.png WA.png Pro1.png DPRO.png PRA.png
HGM1.png AHGM1.png AGM1.png GM1.png LCM1.png CM1.png CA1.png
LFM1.png ALFM1.png FM1.png BM1.png WM1.png WA1.png ClientDev.png

Forum titles

Users with 0 posts have the forum title of 'Settler'

Users with 10 posts have the forum title of 'Villager'

Users with 1,000 posts have the forum title of 'Mayor'

Users with 5,000 posts have the forum title of 'Elder'

Users with 10,000 posts have the forum title of 'Ancient'