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This player is more than happy to roleplay.

Priest of Fo

Arthurio (CM)
Poseidon (GM)

Wossoo (also known as The Dragonslayer and King of Lomaner) joined Wurm in October 2005 during the final beta map. He has played the game consistently since then and has also been on the Wurm team since around 2008. He is most known for being a Game Master and former Public Relations Manager. He also gained notoriety as leader of the short-lived Epic cluster player-made kingdom called Lomaner, based on the backstory kingdom of the same name. He is also credited with a startup quote, indicating that he is an early dragonslayer. Since he has played Wurm since late 2005, he is considered to be one of the oldest players in the game, with a Wurm history spanning nearly a decade.

"Hold your ground, don't let her pass!"
Wossoo the Dragonslayer

Notable Achievements

Freedom Cluster

His main achievements on the Freedom Cluster include becoming a Jenn-Kellon Champion of Magranon in February 2009 under the old 3 lives and permadeath system. His champion status was removed when the champion system was changed in 2011. He has held many political roles on Chaos, including Mayor of Camelot, a founding Mol-Rehan settlement, and held the noble office of Court Announcer under Chancellor Taya's government. Almost immediately after converting to Jenn-Kellon, he was promoted to the noble offices of Earl Marshal and Royal Herald, and was decorated as a Defender of the Crown under Grand Prince Pedro.

Epic Cluster

Wossoo joined the Epic Cluster the day it was opened in October 2011, and on that day founded Lomaner, a player-made kingdom that he had become self-styled leader of since November 2006. Lomaner was difficult to control politically and due to real-world constraints, Wossoo was unable to dedicate the time required to bring all factions of the kingdom together. Eventually, after significant portions of the kingdom left for Horde of the Summoned, Wossoo judged that the best option would be to appoint Agentusp as Crown Regent. Lomaner came under heavy assault from Horde of the Summoned, who were aided by a dominated Black Dragon, and fell shortly afterwards. Lomaner was based on the backstory kingdom of the same name.

After the fall of Lomaner under Crown Regent Agentusp, Wossoo was forced to join Jenn-Kellon as The Exiled King of Lomaner, and last remaining member of the Order of the Golden Unicorn of Lomaner. He got involved in Jenn-Kellon politics becoming Information Minister under Grand Prince Michieldewit and later Royal Herald under Grand Princess Judicator. He was also appointed to the Order of the Northern Star.

Wurm Team

After first becoming a Player Assistant in 2008, Wossoo was promoted to Chat and Forum Moderator in 2009. In June 2010 Wossoo was invited to become a Game Master in June 2010 under the name Poseidon. Wossoo became Public Relations Manager (PRM) on Rolf's invitation in 2012. As PRM, he founded a brand new Public Relations department, creating the role of Public Relations Assistant (PRA) . He remains a GM, and remains an advisor in the PR Department, but stepped down as PRM in 2013 in recognition of Redbaron_Johan being hired as Marketing and PR Manager.


Wossoo has a long hisory in Wurm spanning nearly a decade. Some dates and places may be slightly out of order and other things may have become lost in time.

This is all, to be the best of my knowledge, a true story. The only fictitious bit is the dreaming of becoming King of Lomaner, though that bit had to be RPed ;)

Final Beta

Wossoo's story in final beta lasts from October 31st 2005 until just before 6th June 2006.

The Adventure Begins

Wossoo began his journey in Wurm on October 31st, 2005. He was 13 years old. His brother introduced him to the game. He spawned into Newtown and discovered very quickly that it was possible to terraform and change the landscape. He was immediately hooked. While attempting to build low stone walls around a small enclosure with his brother, he was killed by a black wolf. The brothers decided that they would be safer in a mine. Luckily, across the bay near Greentown existed a small open mine which the brothers moved into. It is said that Wossoo mined a Ruby on his first ever mining action.

Their safety was short-lived, and a Horde of the Summoned by the name of Pedro found them in their mine, and slaughtered them both dead. This was Wossoo's first taste of PvP. The brothers soon found that their plan of living alone was not going to work very well, and when the kind Mayor Goglepox of Greentown offered them basic tools and some land in his town, they joined soon after.

While at Greentown, Wossoo's brother decided to become inactive after various Horde of the Summoned attacked and destroyed their things. They also fell victim to the notorious Hamm the Thief, Newlaurethwl and Cerriuluswl(sp?). Undeterred, Wossoo had his revenge on the latter two by destroying their farmlands.

Eventually Wossoo decided to establish himself nearer to Newtown, and built a small shack outside the city walls. It was here that he first met Rudie and they made some fish steaks. Desperate for supplies, Wossoo also broke into Avalon Tree Farm, owned by Barakus - a player who would later become Head Game Master. Unfortunately, being so close to Newtown brought its own problems. After repeated attacks by Horde of the Summoned, he decided to accept Ranger's offer to join Iron Canyon.

The Iron Canyon

Iron Canyon was Wossoo's first real experience of life in a settlement. It was a rustic settlement, surrounded by wooden palisade walls instead of the usual tall stone walls. It was situated very close to the white light and so Wossoo was able to visit it on a regular basis to pray to Fo. He met some long-time friends at Iron Canyon, including Kingen (whom he taught to make bricks), Vafaan (Peo) and Chromega. He also met someone in the village who was, by massive coincidence, only 4 hours older than himself in the real world.

Iron Canyon was attacked by blacklighters from time to time, and Wossoo first met Playtimesover (PTO) here after he brought a unicorn to the village. It was during this time that Wossoo first began chatting to Sal in Kingdom chat, who would later become a good friend.

Over time Ranger had less time to play Wurm, and Iron Canyon descended into inactivity. Feeling alone, Wossoo decided to wander a little and attempt to find cows to sell to Dreammaster, the Mayor of Kyara, for five silver coins each. He also attempted on many times to convert to Horde of the Summoned. He was forever unsuccessful, but eventually joined forces with Playtimesover on a secret mission to convert and spy on blacklighters directly.

Leersum and the end of beta

Once they had finished their mission, Playtimesover the war leader moved back and joined the town his twin brother Tdekker had set up. The town was called Leersum, and Wossoo joined soon afterwards to help build. Leersum had close access to blacklighters deeds and likewise came under attack on a regular basis. It is said that Wossoo very much enjoyed his time with the twins Tdekker and Playtimesover, and this would end up dividing his loyalties in the future. He also met Lardo at Leersum. He also became a Priest of Fo for the first time.

While he lived in Leersum, the Gods announced that there would be a month of 12x skillgain to simulate a year of skill grinding in preparation for the release of Wurm in Gold 1. Wossoo never really took much advantage of this extra skillgain because it was his first armageddon, which always seems to hurt the most, and he was angry about it.

Gold 1

Gold 1 lasted from the 6th June 2006 until April 25th 2007.

New Beginnings

Wurm went gold on the 6th June 2006. A perfect 6-6-6. Sadly since he was so young he was worried that he would be unable to become a premium player. In the end his parents relented and allowed him to subscribe for two months at a time. This was not enough to allow Wossoo to become a Keeper of Truth with a Master Bag of Keeping for buying a year's worth of premium in the first week of Gold, but it did allow him to become Ageless with a regular Bag of Keeping.

Initially he had trouble with huge spiders, which had just been implemented. They were much stronger than they are now, and even that was besides the point when everyone was starting from scratch. He had spawned on the original and first ever non-PvP server - the Home Server. In order to get to the Wild Server to join Tdekker and Playtimesover in Leersum, he had to swim a very long way. This was well before the times of horses and boats, but it was what had to be done.

The Second Leersum

Wossoo never quite made it to Leersum, but at least he made it to the Wild Server. Happily, Leersum was situated along the coast from the white light so it was easy to find. In these days, Wossoo like nearly everyone else had started to chose his skills and grind them up a little bit in order to be useful. Tdekker and Playtimesover used to spend most of their time exploring and searching (successfully) for dragon eggs. Wossoo held the role of Foreign Advisor of Leersum, advising on how to deal with other villages.

Not much else is remembered by Wossoo about these times, but it is clear that it came to an end quite suddenly. Back in those days, Horde of the Summoned were seen as an elite group of PvP fighters and anyone with high fighting was invited to join. Tdekker caught the eye of Libilian Outlaws and so he was recruited, leaving Leersum behind. Wossoo was not sure exactly where to go until a surprise offer came from Lardo.

First taste of power: Sparta

Lardo had asked Wossoo to become co-Mayor of Sparta and look after it while he was unable to play Wurm. It had few if any citizens, so Wossoo was pretty much left in charge of the deed and made improvements and developments as he saw fit. Sparta was situated near to Haven, whose mayor was Sal. Wossoo and Sal became friends, although they sometimes had arguments over land. Haven was certainly the larger deed by far, but Wossoo wanted to ensure that Sparta controlled as much hunting land as possible. Living on Eye Spy mountain behind Sparta was Hacking. The two became extremely good friends and that strong friendship continues to this day.

While at Sparta, Wossoo took part in some kingdom PvP activities and was active in ventrilo. He was present at the Battle of Syphilis on 3rd August 2006 and escaped the battle itself alive after logging off in the woods for the night. He was eventually killed by a rabid hyena after becoming lost in the woods the next day.

Eventually, it emerged that Haven was going to disband. On first glance this might seem like a good thing for Wossoo's Sparta but this is not the case at all. In actual fact, Libilian Outlaws had set up their town directly across the great lake from Sparta and so Sparta relied on Haven for protection. Wossoo knew this spelt doom for Sparta, so he decided to abandon his co-Mayorship and asked Tdekker if he could join Horde of the Summoned, becoming a traitor in the eyes of the whitelighters. Lardo found out eventually, disbanded Sparta, and quit.

Meeting Libila

Wossoo had always wanted to join a great blacklight deed and this was his chance. Tdekker came across the great lake one day, and converted Wossoo to the Horde of the Summoned. They crossed the lake together, and Wossoo was admitted to join Libilian Outlaws. He felt priviliged to be a part of this famous village, and took a liking to the new customs and way of playing the game that came with being a follower of Libila.

Unfortunately, his time as a blacklighter was short lived. Maybe he asked too many questions, or maybe he was just too young. Being 14 at the time, Wossoo was much younger than everyone else, and in hindsight realises that he may have been a bit annoying. Suffice to say one day in October 2006, he was at the bottom of the mountain hunting and was approached by The Dragon Lady Leve'Dara in her drake hide armour. Wossoo found himself kicked from the village, and the Dragon Lady made quick work of dispatching him to The Shroud via the red tunnel express.

Wossoo was completely shocked and upset. He was reduced only to owning a steel and flint, a bag of keeping, a writ of ownership and a useless key. Eir, Mayoress of Dark Citadel, was initially symapthetic towards Wossoo and may have offered him refuge, but Libilian Outlaws elders warned her against taking him in. Destitute, Wossoo found himself to be alone in a desolate and dangerous part of the wild lands, a traitor to the white lighters and blacklisted by the blacklighters.

He had no option but to flee to the homeserver.

New Beginnings in the Homelands

Wossoo found favour with a very sympathetic Game Master who converted him to the white light and teleported him to the home server. He knew he had it ridiculously easy, having avoided a near impossible journey to convert at the altar of three and then a long swim to the home server.

He found himself greeted by the sight of the newest incarnation of Newtown. On the 3rd of November, 2006, while he was considering his path, he had a dream that he was destined to become the King of Lómaner - a long-defeated kingdom of the backstory. From this day onwards, to loyalists he was known as The Leader of the Uprising Alliance and The King of Lomaner.

South Lake: The Birth of Lomaner

Wossoo joined with his old friends Shortass and Hacking who was setting up a deed on a tundra field at the coast of South Lake. Wossoo put Shortass in charge of building up the small base, and himself went to try to convince local towns and villages to swear their allegiance to his fledgling kingdom. Using IRC, the young King Wossoo had asked the Gods what he would need to do to persuade them to make his kingdom a reality. They told him that if he gathered enough people, that would consider making it an official kingdom. Incensed, this is why he went on a recruiting spree.

Unfortunately, with a poor management structure and inactivity on the part of some people, this incarnation of Lómaner collapsed.

Whosville and The Second Lomaner

Soon, Wossoo was invited by Horton, the Mayor of Whosville, to join his fine city. Wossoo took up this offer, and travelled there. He did not stay in the city long before finding his old friend Hacking and building a small camp across from The Abbey of Zarniwoop, assisted by a player named Dortund. It was during this time that player torches and lamps were implemented and this camp was bathed in the red light of The Second Lomaner.

When the Millennium - the year 1000NT - came, the Gods saw fit to erupt new volcanic islands into life from the very oceans. One of these new islands were spotted near to Wossoo's camp, and he wasted no time in moving there.

The Millennium Fort: The Third Lomaner

As soon as Wossoo reached the new island, he founded a settlement called The Millennium Fort. It was intended to control the whole island, which would become his petty Kingdom. No longer would he have to listen to others. He would be his own Lord and rule his own land - the Millennium Island - as he saw fit. Unfortunately, the Millennium Island was on the far side of the server and too distant for people to join. Other people tried to take portions of the island, and his companion Hacking had moved to a place called Serenity Lake which was much more central. Wossoo decided that to move to a better location was the best chance he had at making the Kingdom of Lómaner into a reality.

Serenity Lake: The Fourth Lomaner

Wossoo had moved to Serenity Lake in around February 2007. After just two days had charmed the settlement into pledging its allegiance to him, and it became the Capital of the Uprising Alliance and Kingdom of Lómaner. There he met one of the nicest players in Wurm - Amara - and they both became good friends. While this was the most successful incarnation of Lómaner on the homelands, as it was established already, Wossoo felt guilty that his Kingdom was on a home server which was PvE-only. In the end he recruited a mercenary group, The Elythria Company, led by Condottiero Echossaise, on a contract basis to form the grounds of a new established military force.

Wossoo had considered himself a follower of Libila even while on the homelands, and as such Lómaner too was seen as a blacklighter kingdom. Therefore, in early April 2007, he decided that he should accept an invitation from Libilian Outlaws to return to the wild lands. The invitation came as a surprise to him, but Libilian Outlaws had fallen on hard times at the hands of Silron and other white light settlements.

The Wildlands Armageddon

Instead of joining Libilian Outlaws directly, he was invited to join Blackwater, a new-ish village at the foot of Libilian Outlaws' mountain. Due to the intense power struggles at the time, it seemed unlikely that Wossoo would be able to set up a longer lasting incarnation of Lomaner here. In fact, it would probably have been destroyed very quickly by both blacklighters and white lighters equally, or worse ignored. So, he decided to bide his time and become a part of Horde of the Summoned as he had always wanted to be.

He doesn't remember much about the 24th April 2007. However, he does remember going to visit Rudie's new deed. He had arrived there and decided to log off in his mine. Little did he know that this was the last time he would ever play on that incarnation of his own account, just like everyone else in the game.

On April 25th 2007, the servers experienced a catastrophic total failure, and there was nothing the Gods could do to save characters or the map. Everything was gone. It was Wurmageddon.

Gold 2

Gold 2 has lasted since early May 2007 until the present day. For the purposes of these histories, Gold 2 lasts until the Epic Server is announced in mid-to-late 2011, where Wossoo returned to set up Lomaner as a PMK.

New Beginnings in The Shroud

It was daunting for Wossoo to start again from scratch but at least he was not alone. Some of the old Libilian Outlaws group decided not to return, but the vast majority did. Since Wossoo was a part of Horde of the Summoned at Wurmageddon, he received the title Destroyer of Faith and spawned at The Shroud on the Wild Server, now known as Chaos. The first thing everyone did was to build a mine and work together on making some basic tools. A bug on server restart meant that everyone was a part of the Horde of the Summoned Kingdom, but did not follow Libila as a religion. Noticing this, Wossoo made a mad dash for the bone altar to become one of the first, if not the first, follower of Libila this map.

Wossoo wanted to be a strong, if not the strongest, fighter in the game and a new server was a great opportunity to get ahead. Libilian Outlaws wanted to find a site for their newest incarnation, and so Wossoo and Tdekker went out to explore the land for uniques, and a great place to establish the best city that ever was. Eventually they survived their way towards the white light where a huge host of Jenn-Kellon players were doing exactly what the rest of Horde of the Summoned was doing back at The Shroud.

Tdekker was ahead so he found them first, and was killed. It is believed that he was the first person to be killed in PvP this map. Wossoo was lagging a bit behind, and so he had forewarning of the white lighters. In the end he met Madt on a landbridge under construction near what would one day become Valhalla. They had a one on one duel with their trinket items, and Wossoo was victorious becoming - as far as is known - the first blacklighter to kill a white lighter this map. Wossoo died soon after that.

Old Libilian Outlaws

The elders had found what they thought was a good place to establish the new incarnation of Libilian Outlaws far to the west of The Shroud, just north of present-day Ravenholm. Wossoo had some part in digging dirt for the new dirtwalls, and had a lot of fun playing with dyes and lanterns to the disappointment of his village mates. It was around this time that Wossoo took part in slaying the Green Dragon which was practically on the site of present-day Ravenholm. Aside from this, Wossoo spent much of his time hunting and working on various skills. He also took part in some PvP excursions against Independent Settlers but the distances involved made it very uncomfortable.

Outlaws Outpost

In the end, it was decided that Bier, assisted by Wossoo, would go to the far North-West corner of the wild lands to explore possibilities for moving Libilian Outlaws to a more effective Pvp position. It was in this area that the Troll King was spotted, with insane numbers of follower trolls in the general area. The number of strong animals for fightskill and proximity to another unique, the White Dragon, made this location perfect for the second and final incarnation of Libilian Outlaws. For a while, Wossoo lived at an outpost he had helped build with Bier, called Outlaws Outpost. It was situated on the North-West coast.

New Libilian Outlaws

It was a difficult procedure to move an entire city across the server without the help of boats or horses to speed things up, but it was not an impossible task for the great city. Wossoo was starting to get a little bit tired of building settlements now, but the walls around New Libilan Outlaws were built to last. He enjoyed the camaraderie of Libiian Outlaws and their communal system. There were few if any private houses within the city walls, except the odd one or two for elders and their valuables. Everyone else had a bed in the barracks with large chests to store their belongings. There was also a communal crafting building and armoury.

At the time, it was not possible to build wells or fountains that spawned water. Someone had to go and fetch water in carts filled with barrels and distribute that water around the village on a regular basis. By now, Wossoo had lagged behind as a fighter and instead concentrated on forestry and became the village waterboy. Village banter also provided him with the nickname Wussy, and to this day he only allows former Libilian Outlaws to call him by that nickname.

Despite the nickname, Wossoo continued to be involved in all raids and PvP conducted by Horde of the Summoned against Jenn-Kellon villages including Independent Settlers, Whosville, Valhalla, Rivendell, Hammerfell and Kyara, and was present to successfully defend his home in the Siege of Libilian Outlawz on August 5th 2007, plus Cruorem and Dark Citadel when they were raided. He also took part in slaying the Troll King, White Dragon and the Red Dragon.

Old Friends and a Pet dragon

During his time at Libilian Outlaws, Wossoo was still on contact with the former citizens of Serenity Lake and their new village Ivalice. In July 2007, Wossoo explored their surroundings with his alter-ego Wosso. Before long, he was found by the White Dragon of the home server. Instantly he knew this was a fantastic opportunity for the citizens of Ivalice to capture the dragon and farm it for dragon eggs, one of the most valuable items in the game at the time. Wossoo had hoped he could transport some of the eggs to the wild server and Libilian Outlaws to increase his favour with the village elders.

In the end, Jenn-Kellon wild players heard about the dragon and, joining forces with other villages on the home server, came to slay the dragon for its drake hide. Determined to stop them, Wossoo founded an outpost deed and set the attackers to Kill on Sight. This foiled their first attack. Work was sped up on building fences around the dragon, but the second assault was soon to come. The citizens of Ivalice, to their huge credit, and possibly unique in Wurm history, came under the spotlight when, instead of joining the fight against the dragon, they peacefully attempted to bandage and heal it. Their exceptional efforts were in vain, and the dragon was slain.

Soon after, Wossoo helped to convince the group to come to the Wild Server and Horde of the Summoned. They did so, and founded the village of Darkwoods just to the west of Libilian Outlaws.

Shadow Requiem

While Wossoo remained living with Libilian Outlaws, he spent a lot of time with his friends in Darkwoods. Eventually, in November 2007, Darkwoods merged with Obsidian to form Shadow Requiem. By December 2007, Wossoo had left Libilian Outlaws to join his friends and help them build their new town. It was only a temporary move, because by January 18th 2008, he had moved back to Libilian Outlaws. This was partly because they felt he had abandoned them and so they were not including him in raid preparations, despite still feeling as though he was a member at heart. While at Shadow Requiem, Wossoo became a Priest of Libila.

Camelot: Pioneering Mol-Rehan

In February 2008, after Wossoo had just turned 16, it was announced that a brand new kingdom was coming to the Wild Server - Mol-Rehan. Wossoo felt that life between Libilian Outlaws and Shadow Requiem was difficult, and he had begun to make enemies in both towns. He suggested that he might move to create a settlement in the new kingdom to his friends in Shadow Requiem, and more opted to follow him than he expected. They gathered the 100 silver coins they required to buy the village deed, and packed some supplies before travelling down the West coast to the new Mol-Rehan starter deed, near the old Libilian Outlaws site, to convert. This move shattered Shadow Requiem and it disbanded soon after, merging with Libilian Outlaws.

Initially Wossoo, Amara, Agentusp, Siege, Draugwyn and the others became a part of Whosville, before they found a spot just East of that position to found the City of Camelot, where Wossoo served as Mayor of a major town for the first time. While not as fortified as everyone would have hoped, Camelot turned out to be a nice town with friendly people who got along together as one community. They had wanted to PvP, but like Old Libilian Outlaws, the West side of the server was too far from the battles which took place in the North. Wossoo did however take part in the Defence of Woodscove against a Jenn-Kellon force of more than 50 fighters, the largest ever raid in Wurm at the time. Camelot itself was also raided once.

While Libilian Outlaws were very unhappy that Wossoo had converted to Mol-Rehan, the Gods converted them soon after Camelot was founded. Despite the name no longer making sense, they retained it. The kingdom leadership system was implemented a little while afterwards, and the Sword in the Stone of Mol Rehan was found quickly. Wossoo tried on several occasions to pull the sword from the stone and become Chancellor of Mol-Rehan but was unsuccessful. He was also requested not to try any more by citizens of Libilian Outlaws. Eventually, Taya of Libilian Outlaws became the first everChancellor of Mol-Rehan and appointed Wossoo to the noble office of Court Announcer. Pedro, who had slain Wossoo in his first days, notably became Grand Prince of Jenn-Kellon.

Moving on back to Shadow Requiem

After Siege, an Elder of Camelot, left to join Vindicators Den, Wossoo decided that the town should move closer to Libilian Outlaws so that it could join in more PvP. They decided to reclaim the old plot left behind by Shadow Requiem and reclaim the ruins. Unfortunately, certain members of Libilian Outlaws could not forgive Wossoo and the others for leaving for Mol-Rehan, so they decided to grief Wossoo's boats and citizens. This carried on to such an extent that desperate action was needed, so Wossoo contacted his good friend Madt and applied to merge Camelot with the Jenn-Kellon capital Kyara.

Sailing to Jenn-Kellon

Wossoo was disappointed to have had to move to Kyara, and it was certainly a last resort. He had trusted that Libilian Outlaws would not attack him and his citizens, but he was wrong. They would not forgive them for leaving. And so, one night, Wossoo, Amara, Agentusp, Draugwyn, Ryuu and the others filled a corbita with their belongings and sailed all night around the West and North coast until they reached the port just North of Kyara. Wossoo had to sleep, so he was converted the next morning by Gavin.

Life Inside the Walls of Kyara

Wossoo and his followers were given a huge sprawling house inside the huge walls of Kyara, However most quit or left of their own accord over time. Wossoo spent a lot of time on the home server hunting to train his fighting skill up. He was given a set of green drake hide armour to do it, and the best equipment possible. He also became a Priest of Magranon, and took part in PvP on a daily basis in all corners of the map. He was present on raids on the Mol Rehan incarnation of Whosville where they failed many thousands of times to picklock chests containing artifacts, though he was slain at this battle. Much of his time was spent in the South East fighting Dark Citadel from Homestead Bay. He also had the opportunity to become a Kingslayer by killing Chancellor Taya of Mol-Rehan while during the defensive Battle for Valhalla. The Grand Prince Pedro thought enough of Wossoo to grant him the noble offices of Royal Herald and Earl Marshal, and awarded him as a titular Defender of the Crown.

Coniunctis Viribus, Championhood, and the Second Siege of Libilian Outlaws

In January 2009, Friend (a.k.a Playtimesover) and Wossoo started making grand plans for a new city, built on the mountain overlooking Valhalla to its South West and Libilian Outlaws to it's North West. It was named Coniunctis Viribus and, aside from trialling a grand political system concept, it was designed in an attempt to destroy Libilian Outlaws once and for all. Wossoo was given the title Censor, which meant he was in charge of communications and propaganda. Many fights raged between the outpost deed Broodje Bakpaal on the Jenn-Kellon side and LO Landbridge on the Mol-Rehan side with less than a hundred tiles between them.

It was during this time that Wossoo took the plunge and decided to become a Champion of Magranon in February 2009, knowing that he had limited his account to just 3 respawns then permanent death. He came very close to dying on several occasions during PvP, but was protected by healers and Red Dragon Scale Armour. In a twist of fate, he once sat on an island in the sea to the west of Dark Citadel in wait for his former Elder of Camelot, Siege, who had by now become Emperor of Horde of the Summoned, with a small assassination force. Once Siege logged on, they quickly killed him, making Wossoo a double Kingslayer and, he would admit, a traitor to his old friend.

Coniunctis Viribus was finally able to get its wish of destroying Libilian Outlaws, although it was bitter sweet. The Gods decreed that many of the citizens of Libilian Outlaws had cheated, and would so be banished. This severely weakened the city, to the extent that a huge raid on the city planned by Jenn-Kellon could not be defended, and so the great city of Libilian Outlaws fell. Soon after, Coniunctis Viribus became defunct and disbanded.

On the 8th April 2009, Wossoo was briefly banished by the Gods in a misunderstanding. He was a Player Assistant in the Golden Valley by this time, and spent much of his time there. Towards the end of April 2009, at 17 years old, Wossoo became a Chat and Forum Moderator to help increase the amount of work he could do on Golden Valley.

The Golden Valley: Ascending to Game Mastery

Wossoo took his responsibilities as a Player Assistant very seriously, and ater he had become a Chat and Forum Moderator, he played full-time on his Golden Valley alt named Educator. He enjoyed helping new players get to grips with the game, and keeping on top of support calls. Through a lot of this time he became friends with Enki the Game Master, who also played as Mayor of Kyara, but spent virtually all of his time helping new players on Golden Valley. During this time, the Wossoo of Kyara, Champion of Magranon sat mostly dormant. This is also partly due to the fact Wossoo was in an important stage of his life, where he had limited time for Wurm.

In June 2010, just before heading off to university in the real world, Wossoo became a Game Master under the name Poseidon. He continued to assist on the Golden Valley but did not play on the Wild server with his playing account until at least mid-2011.

The Epic Cluster

For the purposes of these histories, The Epic Cluster begins in mid-to-late 2011 and carries on until the present day.

Epic Announced

Wossoo had been waiting a long time for player made kingdoms. Indeed, as far back as 2006 he had been trying to set his own one up - The Kingdom of Lomaner. Towards the end of 2011, the Epic server was announced, and so Wossoo immediately sprang into action. He knew that he had to do two things. Firstly, he had to get off the Wild Server and move to Independence to make some money. Secondly, he had to start recruiting for the new kingdom, and he had to find people to help him do that.


He was once in the process of writing his story The Silenced Merchant.