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Sadly enough, I am old enough to have played Pong on a brand-new Atari 2600 system, and yet I still play video games. I don't pretend to understand what continues to draw me back to these pixelated logic systems. I just know that I enjoy them (too much). Even though I spend most of my waking hours away from consoles and keyboards, curiosity lures me in - time and again.

I have enjoyed playing several varieties of MMOs over the years - everything from browser-based games to full game clients. After a while I tend to drift away. Nevertheless, I eventually continue my search for new games which will capture my interest for a bit longer.

I have participated in a number of wikis as well. A few were centered on game documentation. Others served wider communities. I hope my experiences on them will produce positive results in the Wurmpedia community.

Wurm Online experiences

I had tried loading Wurm Online onto my laptop in 2010. I was only able to get it working well enough to experience several client crashes within the Golden Valley tutorial area. I decided it was unplayable on my hardware, and finally removed it from the hard drive.

In 2011 - as Windows XP continued to expose its true identity as bloatware - I decided to try the Lubuntu OS (a Ubuntu linux derivative) on my laptop. I found it was still a very capable machine. When I eventually ran across Wurm Online once again. I decided to give it a second try.

After a successful load, I started playing my Thyrh character on February 24, 2012. As I continued to learn the game, I used the Wurmpedia wiki more and more. I began to find some areas needing updating, and other areas which had not been fully developed. I finally registered for a wiki user account on April 2.

My current character list includes:

Wurmpedia experiences and goals

I hope that my participation will improve wiki usability. As of June 2012, I have been able to assist in reducing the Special pages maintenance reports substantially by just "filling in the blanks" so to speak. I was able to dedicate a bit of time in clearing up the Wanted pages listing by making prodigious use of the Undefined player and Undefined settlement pages which had been fortuitously written by Gaeron. I then began to settle a few of the missing image issues created on that page by template coding; the final solution became simply hard-coding each image name into the referring pages. This has been quite a task, but I began to notice some of these pages were already resolved. KaiH had come to the rescue, and had been taking on the same task (Hooray!).

Now that the Special pages is beginning to draw to a close, I have been looking at what else I might contribute to the wiki. This has lead me to notice that our Community portal and Help areas would benefit from some updating and modifications. My goal here would be to improve usability by all Wurmpedia users. As we improve the Wurmpedia experience for readers and editors, I expect our admins might find their task loads should be lessened. A better educated wiki community should be easier to administrate than a mob of unguided keypunchers (I hope).

Comments are welcome

In the spirit of open communication which our wiki should foster, I invite those who have comments (or reservations) about any of my efforts here to post their comments on my talk page.

All constructive comments are most welcome. I'll just have to deal with the rest as I see