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User Profile For: Whane


The best way to contact this user is through Discord @Whip#6987.

You begin to play Wurm.
When you stop, you will begin to play Wurm again.

InGameMap-Xanadu.jpg This user plays on the xanadu server.

Welcome to my little piece of the Wurmpedia universe. Time permitting, I'm here to edit pages. My method is simple, when I see a topic come up in CA Help, I check this wiki. If an update is needed, then I will update it on the fly. If verification is required, then I'll spend some time to research the topic first.

Why I'm Here

Me: The wiki is a mess, outdated, and needs a lot of work.
Someone else: Feel free to fix it.
Me: 😲

My ToDo list:

Me so stalky.