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Main / Skills / Forestry / Hedges

A Hedge
Total materials
  • Hedge
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 1000g of paint.
All sprouts will be consumed in one action


Hedges are planted on tile borders using 5 sprouts of the same type per border. As hedges grow, they will appear taller ranging from low, medium, and peak.


  • Hedges can't be planted on borders adjacent to crops, packed dirt, or arched walls.
  • Failure to plant will destroy one sprout.
  • Newly planted hedges are 'low' and wont block movement until reaching a height of medium.
  • Hedges don't have slope limitations.
  • With a Body strength of 21, hedges can be destroyed by a Hatchet or any bashing tool.
  • Low hedges are easier to destroy than taller hedges.
  • Hedges can be pruned 1 height shorter per pruning action using a sickle, but will eventually re-grow unless destroyed.
  • Types of hedges include: Camellia, Cedar, Lavender, Maple, Oleander, Rose, and Thorn.
  • Lavender hedges stay at the lowest height and therefore remain passable.
  • Camellia hedges stop growing upon reaching medium height.
Different Heights
Short: Medium: Peak:
Low-Hedge.png Meduim-Hedge.png Peak-Hedge.png
This low hedge is growing steadily. This medium sized hedge is growing steadily. This hedge seems to be at peak height.

Different appearances