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1/3/12 Amiti, Gold lumps raise the QL of a door, or "repair" them, at any QL, even a 1 ql lump repairs the door some, doesn't it?

Lump ql and blacksmithing skill determine the maximum strength you can improve a door to. The formula is 100*(lump QL/4 + Blacksmithing skill/2). Assuming 50 BS skill and 1QL lump the maximum strength is 2525. A 40QL lump would allow imping to 3500. Trying to improve higher than the maximum will result in a message that the skill or materials do not allow improving the mine door any higher. Mine door (silver) has all the maths around improving although the information should probably be moved to a more general "Mine door (metal)" page. --Ago (talk) 19:59, 3 January 2013 (CST)

OK, so I see what was "confusing" it was imping, just not as high as it could. Thank you for the clarification. 1/3/12 20:13 (pst)