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Village recruitment board
A Village recruitment board
Total materials
  • Village recruitment board (5.00kg)
Skill and improvement


A board where you can find villages that are looking for new residents.

A bulletin board containing recruitment advertisements for villages looking for new villagers, created by players.


  • All starter villages have a recruitment board planted by the Wurm staff.
  • The recruitment board is a sign board that can be planted with at least 10 digging skill. You can add an ad to any recruitment board telling new players that your village is accepting citizens.
  • If you're in a village, you can post an ad to the recruitment board by right-clicking the board and then selecting "Create recruitment ad." The ad will then appear on all recruitment boards across that particular server and will disappear after 60 days. Once this happens, you can then post another recruitment ad for your village for 60 more days.
  • If you're not a citizen of any deed on that server, you can right-click any recruitment board to look through the ads posted therein.