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Sell is a feature that allows you to sell low-value items to Traders, Personal merchants, and settlement tokens for a small amount of iron.

How it Works

1) Move to stand beside a trader, a merchant, or a token (does not have to be your own deed).

2) Activate the item you wish to sell by double-clicking it.

3) Right-click the trader, merchant, or token and select the 'Sell' option; this triggers a 3-second timer. (must be on foot, not mounted to see the sell option)

4) Your money is added automatically to your bank account.


  • Items are given an iron value when sold. This is equivalent to 1 iron per 10ql plus 1 iron; minimum being 1 iron for a 0-9ql item.
  • You can earn up to 500 iron (the equivalent of 5 copper) per hour by selling items in this way. When you hit the maximum limit, you'll get the message: "You have sold your quota for now."
    Once you get this message, you will be able to sell again one hour after you sold your first item.
  • Certain items cannot be sold this way, including starter items, liquids, scraps, dirt, clay, needles, stone shards, branches, and nails.

Additional Notes

Further discussion of the sell feature can be found at the City Hall section of the Wurm Online Forum:

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