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Oluffus is a member of the Wurm Team.
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Maintaining community map for Celebration


Main character: Olufus - living on Celebration and Deliverance. Started in Wurm Online July 2018, after one year in Wurm Unlimited

Alts on Southern Freedom Isles: Ornulf(Vynora), Olivianna (Fo) and Costas (Magranon) Alts on Northern Freedom Isles: Olufax, Sufulo (Fo)


  • Blackmoor (Shrimpie) December 2018
  • Friendalong (VirusMD) July 2019
  • Lunalong (Dracaa) November 2019
  • Blackmoor (Shrimpie) December 2019
  • New Festival Cove (Vooch) October 2020
  • Lunalong (Dracaa) December 2020
  • Deliverance Renaissance Festival (Velvetsun/Drogos/Olufus) April 2021

RL: Lives in Denmark