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Sleep bonus provides a period of increased skill and stamina gain. This is a way to help players who can not play for many real-life hours (all times are in real-life time, not Wurm time) each day without hindering players who can stay logged on for a long time. Sleep bonus is gained through the use of a bed.

While rested, a player has 3x stamina regeneration and 2x skill gain. A player receives 1 minute sleep bonus for every 24 minutes of sleep, with a maximum of 5 hours.

You can freeze and resume the consumption of sleep bonus with the command "/fsleep".


  • 3x stamina regeneration
  • 2x skill gain
  • 1 minute of sleep bonus for every 24 minutes your character sleeps
Hours of sleepBonus time (minutes)
120 (five days)5 hours max
168 (1 week)5 hours max
336 (2 weeks)5 hours max


  • Maximum bonus is attained at 120 hours of sleep, it will not increase beyond 5 hours.
  • Sleep does not affect the main fighting skill. However, its subskills (defensive, aggressive, and normal) and other fighting-related skills, such as shields and swords, do receive the bonus.
  • White powder also gives 1 hour of sleep bonus.