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Wurm Server Release History

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100205 Use them new bulk containers!
==100205 Use them new bulk containers!==
*The new drag and drop bulk containers are working well, and we suggest you start using them as much as possible. There are some naming issues with cereals, dough and bread but those will be sorted out in the next update.
*The reason behind these new containers is mainly to reduce lag because of database congestion. Decay is reduced a lot inside these containers.
*A lot of the items that fit in bulk containers is actually decaying a lot too slow outside of them today because a bug makes them count deed and inside bonuses twice. These items will start decaying faster next update which is another incentive to start putting them into these containers.
==100204 New bins fixed==
* You can now add combined items to the bulk containers and they will keep the correct amount of weight.


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