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Creatures occasionally spawn with a special condition affecting its size, color, fighting ability, and/or behavior.

A creature's condition appears in its name, following its age. For example, a mature crocodile with the "fierce" condition will appears as a "mature fierce crocodile".


There are four ways an animal can spawn with a condition:

  • A creature lair may have a specific condition associated with it, and spawn its creatures with that condition. For example, a specific garbage pile may spawn sly large rats.
    • Lairs will also occasionally produce champion creatures of its creature type.
  • Creatures that spawn naturally may be spawned with a random condition, if that creature type can have lairs.
    • For example, trolls may naturally spawn with conditions because they have a lair type (troll mounds), even if there is no lair nearby, but cows will never spawn with conditions naturally, because cows do not have a lair type at all.
  • Missions may spawn champion creatures, regardless of whether or not that creature type can have a lair.
    • For example, blue whales do not have a lair type, but champion blue whales can still be spawned by missions.
  • Holy sites will also occasionally produce conditioned animal spawns, including those which are otherwise not possible, for example cows.

List of Conditions

  • Alert - Yellow, larger aggro range, increased attack power
  • Angry - Red, faster attack speed, less stamina, focuses more, frenzies more
  • Champion - Size increased greatly, larger aggro range, faster attack speed, increased attack power, increased defence
  • Diseased - Yellow-green, attack speed decreased, attack power decreased, stamina decreased
  • Fierce - Red, increased attack speed, increased stamina, frenzies more
  • Greenish - Green, size increased, attack speed increased, attack power increased
  • Hardened - Grey, size increased, increased stamina, increased defence
  • Lurking - Dark green, size decreased, faster attack speed
  • Raging - Red, size slightly increased, larger aggro range, attack speed increased, frenzies more, focuses more
  • Scared - Yellow, size slightly increased, smaller aggro range, attack speed decreased, attack power decreased, stamina decreased
  • Slow - Blue, size increased, attack speed decreased, attack power decreased, stamina increased
  • Sly - Dark blue, size slightly decreased, attack speed decreased, attack power increased, stamina decreased, movement speed decreased


  • Animals can be bred with a condition only from breeding a female animal with the desired condition. If the male animal also has the condition it may have a greater chance of being passed on to the offspring.


  • Many conditions affect the visual size of a creature. However, if the creature can be ridden as a mount, its size will not be affected by conditions.
    • For example, a champion deer will be very large, but a champion unicorn will be the same size as a normal unicorn of the same age, because they can be ridden by players.