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A Cow
No, this creature will not attack unprovoked.
Yes, you may tame this creature.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
Yes, you may groom this creature.
Yes, even with less than 20 body control.
No, this creature cannot swim.
Butchering produces
Meat, Fat, Tail, Hoof, Eye, Hide, Bladder
Meat type
Herbivore, grazer
Spawns anywhere


A brown docile cow.

Cow is a domestic animal you can find wandering around grass lands.

General Information

A cow, like other animals in Wurm, will not yield meat when butchering if they are starving. Fat cows, on the other hand, will yield extra meat upon butchering. Cows may wander while grazing for food, so fence them in a large area with lots of grass or crops. Cows can and usually will destroy crops over time by walking on them, so only put them on your extra fields.

Cows, excluding those on deed or hitched, will be hunted down by carnivorous animals and mobs.


A well-fed cow can be milked once every couple hours on average, but this amount of time is somewhat random.

Activate a portable container like small bucket, small barrel, pottery jar, or water skin, right-click the cow, and select Milk. Milk can be used for cooking, as a drink, or for dairy products.


Cows can be bred for traits, like other animals. Though they can be mounts, it's more likely that a player will want to breed for output traits to gain more milk or butchering products.

See animal husbandry for a full list of traits.


  • Bashing attack, but a very weak animal to fight.
  • Leadable with a rope without taming.
  • When grazing on grass or crops, they may stomp the tile to packed dirt.
  • Cows, mules, and donkeys are the only animals non-premium players can ride.