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Armour for your body, so you won't get injured as severely when being hit in combat. Plate armour can be made from all metals, with different metals having different properties.

A full set weighs 20.50 kg, it reduces your walking speed by 27%, slowest of all armour types.

Like drake hide armour, plate armour made from iron has a base damage reduction of 70% at 100 quality.

Creation Material Requirements

Item Weight
Breast plate 5.72 kg
Plate leggings 4.62 kg
Plate vambrace 2.42 kg
Plate sabaton 1.87 kg
Plate gauntlet 0.88 kg
Great helm 1.87 kg
Basinet helm 1.78 kg
Open helm 1.21 kg
Full Set (No helm) 20.68 kg
Full Set (Great helm) 22.55 kg
Full Set (Basinet helm) 22.46 kg
Full Set (Open helm) 21.89 kg


Plate armour by metal type

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