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Plate armour smithing is the craft of creating and improving plate armour for battle. Skill level influences the success ratio and the quality of the outcome. Plate armour is created using metal lumps. This is also the skill used to create dragon scale armour.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Platesmith at 50 skill
  • Renowned Platesmith at 70 skill
  • Master Platesmith at 90 skill
  • Imperial Dragonsmith at 100 Skill


  • Wearing your plate armour smithing title gives a bonus while improving armour items, including barding.
  • For information about making steel, see the metallurgy page.
  • Use your lowest quality lump for the creation of items.
  • You can sort your lumps either by using containers or by using the "sort by quality" button on the forge's inventory menu. Using a lump more than about 10 quality higher than what you are improving can be wasteful. However using a lump only a few quality higher than the target lowers the chance to succeed, especially at higher qualities.
  • For efficient grinding, gauntlets use the least amount of metal to make or improve. Great Helms use more lump but are far more useful and easier to sell or trade.

Plate Armour & Dragon Scale Armour Variations

Dragon scale armour

Comparison of different scale armour colors on male wurmian.

Plate armour

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