Christmas tree

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Christmas tree
A Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree (varying weight)
Skill and improvement


A beautiful christmas tree, with colorful decoration. You should check if santa left you something!

Christmas tree can be used to get the christmas gift.


  1. Have a felled pine tree and a wood scrap in inventory
  2. Activate one of the items, right-click on the other and select Create > Decorations > Christmas tree
  • Christmas trees can only be created during the Christmas season.
  • Can be any weight felled tree but a full wood scrap is required.
  • The weight of the felled tree is the final weight of the Christmas tree.


To collect your gift, right-click on the tree, and select 'Check for gift'.

  • You must have a premium account to collect a gift.


  • A failed creation will use up the entire wood scrap.
  • Can be picked up.
  • Cannot be repaired.
  • The tree will disappear some time after Christmas.