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Wood scrap
A Wood scrap

By-product of carpentry creations

  • Wood scrap (various kg)
Skill and improvement


Scrap wood, only useful for feeding fires with.


  • Commonly used to fuel fires, as it is often in abundance.
  • Kindlings can be created using an axe, saw, or carving knife.
  • You can build a decorative low woven fence using 10 wood scraps of 1.50 kg.
  • Can be used on small wine barrels to start the fermentation process of alcoholic beverages. Activate the wood scrap, right click the filled wine barrel and select create, then the fermenting beverage.
  • Can be turned into wood pulp by combining 1.50kg wood scrap with 1.50kg water.


  • By-product from creating things such as planks, shafts, and other similar wooden items.
  • Also made upon failure to create said items.
  • QL is 10% of the original item.
  • Also can come from cutting down very young or shriveled fruit trees, with QL up to woodcutting skill.
  • Very young trees also can produce wood scraps.
  • Decays quickly, so is preferably stored in bulk storage bins.
  • For convenience, it is recommended to combine up to 20kg for fuel as it saves several right-click -> 'Burn' actions.
  • Low quality wood scraps can be foraged from Flotsam Resource nodes