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Demise spells are weapon enchantments that increase damage against specific types of creatures by 3%.

They cannot shatter the item they are cast upon.


Demise spells can be cast only on a weapon of a QL greater than 70. An existing demise enchantment is not affected if the weapon's quality later falls below 70 QL due to damage.

Demise spells require 40 Favor to be cast.

Multiple demise enchantments cannot be stacked with each other on the same weapon.

Demise spells

  • Animal demise: available to priests of Magranon, Vynora, and Libila at 43 faith.
  • Monster demise: available to priests of Libila, Magranon, and Vynora at 41 faith.
  • Legendary demise: available to priests of Libila, Vynora, and Magranon at 51 faith.
  • Human demise: available to priests of Libila and Vynora at 61 faith.
    • +3% damage versus humans
    • Examples: Other players, guards, etc.
    • Does not affect "humanoid" creatures such as trolls.