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Spells are magic incantations used by the priests of the gods of Wurm.


  • Spells for each of the gods of Wurm are listed on their individual Wurmpedia pages.
  • The more faith you have, the more spells you are able to cast.
  • To begin casting a spell, target appropriately (an item, the ground, or an enemy), activate a statuette of your parent god (Fo, Magranon, Vynora, Libila), and choose the spell from the Spells drop down list.


  • The QL and rarity of the statuette has no bearing on your casting chance or on the casting power.
  • Casting chance and casting power are primarily determined by your channeling skill. Alignment and any faith bonus also give large bonuses to both casting chance and casting power.
  • Soul depth does not contribute to casting spells.

All Spells in Wurm

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