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Door lock
A Door lock
  • Door lock - (0.6 kg)
Skill and improvement


A metal lock, ready to fit in a door.


Door locks are much different than other locks, for you don't need a key to use them. Instead, you attach them to a door as you would a normal lock. Houses use the permission system to manage who may access through the door, while mine doors are managed by right clicking on them when near. Without a door lock, anyone who may reach your door will be able to go through it with or without your permission.

When you examine a door with a lock on it, you will receive a description rather than the lock's QL:

Lock Description QL range
Very poor 1 - 9.99
Poor 10 - 19.99
Below average 20 - 29.99
Okay 30 - 39.99
Above average 40 - 49.99
Pretty good 50 - 59.99
Good 60 - 69.99
Very good 70 - 79.99
Exceptional 80 - 89.99
Fantastic 90 - 99.99


  • The quality of the small anvil affects the success chance.
  • The quality of the metal lump affects the lock quality.