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Emerald staff
A Emerald staff
  • Emerald staff (2 kg)
Skill and improvement


A long, well polished staff with a fantastic emerald attached.


  • Gem staffs are used to cast sorcery spells. Generally, use of the staff to cast such spells involves a right-click and activation on some type of target that is within a certain acceptable range. The player must have access to the spells to be used with the staff in addition to having the emerald staff itself.
  • Gem staffs cannot be improved or repaired, and their quality level is unimportant to function. They do not take damage from using spells, however.

Additional Notes

  • Gem staffs are not considered melee weapons in Wurm and subsequently cause the player to use unarmed combat when they are equipped during melee combat situations. As such, they do not take damage from combat.
  • A 37ql star gem and an 89ql staff combine to make a 51ql gem staff at 10 skill level in alchemy and 24 in natural substances. Further testing is needed for additional production details.

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