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Raising your focus increases your performance in combat. How high you can focus is dependent on your fight skill. A general rule of thumb dictates that overall fightskill/15 determines the level of focus that is easiest for you to reach.

You can attempt to focus by turning off autofight and clicking on the eye icon in the fight window.

The fight Options GUI

There are six possible states of focus:

  1. You are not focused on combat.
  2. You balance your feet and your soul.
  3. You are now focused on the enemy and its every move.
  4. You feel lightning inside, quickening your reflexes.
  5. Your consciousness is lifted to a higher level, making you very attentive.
  6. You feel supernatural. Invincible! (max focus level)


  • You can check your current focus level by typing the /fl command in the chat window or by hovering over the eye icon.
  • It is believed that focus raises your combat rating by a little bit.
  • Focus helps you parry more with your weapon.
  • Focus helps you hit more.
  • Focus helps you get a better footing.
  • In PvE, focus can turn a fight around completely.
  • Whilst the focus action timer is in progress, you are a lot more open to attack and you do not swing your own weapon(s).
  • There are various ways to lose focus, including switching targets, and through a special move.