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PvE is an abbreviation for Player versus Environment fighting. Environment here means the different kind of game controlled animals, creatures and monsters of Wurm that you may want (or need) to attack, as opposed to the real human players that you fight.

See also PvP (Player versus Player).

Usage in Wurm

  1. Some of Wurm's servers are defined as PvE, which means that players cannot attack each other without having mutual consent.
  2. The activity of attacking creatures as opposed to attacking payers (PvP) on PvP servers.

Wurm servers

For details of the types of play allowed on each of Wurm's servers, please refer to the Server types article.

Freedom Isles (Except Chaos)

Independence, Deliverance, Exodus, and Celebration.

These are all PvE servers, and thus don't generally allow PvP. However, consensual PvP is allowed through sparring and dueling.


Chaos is a PvP server, and so other payers can attack you.

Epic servers

Elevation, Desertion, Affliction, and Serenity. Main article is Epic cluster

The Epic cluster are all PvP servers, and so other payers can attack you.