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Fruit press
A Fruit press
Total materials
  • Fruit press (2.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A wooden contraption made from planks with a shaft to press in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

Utilized in conjunction with certain materials, a fruit press can be used to create oil and fruit juice.


  • To use, activate the fruit press and then right-click the material intended to be pressed. From the resulting menu, select "Create > Food > Fruit juice". The chosen juice will then be created inside the fruit press.
  • The fruit press can hold 2.00kg of juice, and any excess produced above this amount will be wasted. It is therefore recommended the produced juice/oil held within the fruit press be moved regularly to another container.

Materials and Products

Input Material Base Weight of Input Material (One Unit) Input Material Used Up Per Press Resulting Output and Its Weight
Blueberries 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Blueberry juice, 0.27 kg
Cherries 0.20 kg 0.20 kg Cherry juice, 0.18 kg
Apples 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Apple juice, 0.27 kg
Grapes 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Grape juice, 0.27 kg
Lemons 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Lemon juice, 0.27 kg
Oranges 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Orange juice, 0.27 kg
Lingonberries 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Lingonberry juice, 0.27 kg
Olives 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Olive oil, 0.27 kg
Strawberries 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Strawberry juice, 0.27 kg
Raspberries 0.30 kg 0.30 kg Raspberry juice, 0.27 kg
Pinenuts 0.20 kg 0.20 kg Pinenut oil, 0.18 kg
Cotton seeds 0.10 kg 0.10 kg Cotton seed oil, 0.09 kg
Fennel 0.05 kg 0.05 kg Fennel oil, 0.045 kg
Hazelnuts 0.20 kg 0.20 kg Hazelnuts oil, 0.18 kg
Walnuts 0.20 kg 0.20 kg Walnut oil, 0.18 kg
Nutmeg 0.05 kg 0.05 kg Nutmeg oil, 0.045 kg
Corn 0.10 kg 0.10 kg Corn oil, 0.09 kg
Octopus ink sac ? ? Ink, ?

Additional Notes

  • The last wood piece (sprout included) used in the creation process of the fruit press will determine its final woodtype.
  • Creating oils and juices using the fruit press uses the beverages skill.
  • A rare fruit press speeds the action timer and increases final product quality.
  • Higher quality in a fruit press speeds the action timer and increases the chance of a skill-tick based on the action's difficulty.