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Beverages is the skill used when crafting some drinks and oils using a fruit press and/or still.

Tools Used


  • Both harvested and crafted fruits and berries can be used with the fruit press.
  • Some harvested, farmed, and botanized items can be used with the fruit press to make oils. These are used in cooking and lighting lamps.
  • Some drinks, like alcohols, are used to regenerate stamina while climbing or doing other intensive actions.
  • Alcoholic beverages go through several steps, including fermenting in a small wine barrel and distilling in the still. Not all recipes require both.
  • Not all drinks use the beverages skill, but may instead be dairy food making or hot food cooking.
  • Roasting green coffee beans, cacao beans, and green tea leaves also gives beverages skill.
  • Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee grant a caffeine effect. Which affects the rate at which sleep bonus is used.


When tasting from a sealed container, quality information will be returned based on skill:

  • For non-alcoholic beverages, tasting will return a message with the range of the quality, or if a player has above 75 beverages, the exact quality. This may be a number range or a comment of whether it is poor, average, etc, depending on the item.
  • For alcoholic beverages the quality bands shown are:
    • Under 20ql: it has a very weak strength
    • Over 20ql: it has a weak strength
    • Over 35ql: it has a medium strength
    • Over 50ql: it is mostly strong
    • Over 65ql: it is strong
    • Over 80ql: it is very strong
    • Over 95ql: it is mind blowingly strong

Creation Date

  • Beverages come with a Wurm creation date that can be seen upon examining the liquid with beverages skill above 30. For example, examining some whiskey would give a message such as "Golden colour with rich scents of peat and a roughness across the throat. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on day of Sleep, week 3 of the starfall of Omens, 1104."
  • Moving a portion of the beverage from one container to another will reset the creation date of the liquid in the destination container to today's date. Any liquid remaining in the source container will retain the original date.
  • Topping up a container partially full of old beverage with newer beverage will see the original older creation date retained, regardless of the quantities involved.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Bartender at 50 skill
  • Party Animal at 70 skill
  • Sommelier at 90 skill
  • Cocktail Shaker at 100 skill

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