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Beverages is the skill used when crafting some drinks and oils using a fruit press and/or still.

Tools Used


  • Both harvested and crafted fruits and berries can be used with the fruit press.
  • Some harvested, farmed, and botanized items can be used with the fruit press to make oils. These are used in cooking and lighting lamps.
  • Some drinks, like alcohols, are used to regenerate stamina while climbing or doing other intensive actions.
  • Alcoholic beverages go through several steps, including fermenting in a small wine barrel and distilling in the still. Not all recipes require both.
  • Not all drinks use the beverages skill, but may instead be dairy food making or hot food cooking.


When tasting from a sealed container, quality information will be returned based on skill:

  • For non-alcoholic beverages, tasting will return a message with the range of the quality, or if a player has above 75 beverages, the exact quality. This may be a number range or a comment of whether it is poor, average, etc, depending on the item.
  • For alcoholic beverages the quality bands shown are:
    • Under 20ql: it has a very weak strength
    • Over 20ql: it has a weak strength
    • Over 35ql: it has a medium strength
    • Over 50ql: it is mostly strong
    • Over 65ql: it is strong
    • Over 80ql: it is very strong
    • Over 95ql: it is mind blowingly strong

Skills & Characteristics


  • Bartender at 50 skill
  • Party Animal at 70 skill
  • Sommelier at 90 skill
  • Cocktail Shaker at 100 skill

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