Grooming brush

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Grooming brush
A Grooming brush
Total materials
  • Grooming brush (0.35 kg)
Skill and improvement

Main / Skills / Carpentry / Grooming brush


This wooden brush is used to groom animals. Its wooden handle is lined with lots of thin, strong wemp straws.

Grooming brushes are used to groom all domesticated animals. Grooming raises your animal husbandry skill, it helps diseased animals to get healthy, and it helps preventing animals from catching further disease.


  • Activate the grooming brush, right-click an animal, and select Groom.

If the option does not appear, then this type of creature cannot be groomed. If the animal has already been groomed recently, you will get the message that this animal is already well tended.


While tending you will get some of several event messages.

You start to tend to <animal>.
You talk comforting to <animal>.
You remove some dirt from the <animal>.
The <animal> gives you a nervous look. What did you do now?
You stroke <animal> over the back.
You pick a tick from <animal> and squish it. Slick!
The <animal> seems to really enjoy the treatment.
You check the feet of the <animal> and make sure all is in order.
You have now tended to <animal> and he/she seems pleased.

Failure grooming will result in a different event message at the end.

The <animal> shys away and interrupts the action.


  • Animals can be groomed again after 1 real life hour.
  • The quality of the grooming brush affects your success chance to groom.
  • Failing to groom animals does not damage the grooming brush, successes do.
  • The creation quality of the brush is one fifth of your carpentry skill.
  • The quality of the wemp fibre affects your chance at creating.
  • Failure at creating causes 0.03 kg of wemp fibre to be consumed.
  • Rare grooming brushes are believed to take 12.5% less damage from use.