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Getting Karma

The following ways are known to give karma:

  • Conquer a tower on epic and chaos
  • Drink from a source spring.
  • Drink from a source fountain.
  • Eat a source salt.
  • Contribute to missions (1000 Karma per mission, e.g. a mission to sacrifice 500 mallet heads will give 2 karma per mallet head you sacrifice.)
  • Complete one of your personal goals (100 karma for a silver, 500 for gold, 1000 for diamond.)

Uses for Karma

Karma is used to cast spells granted to players through sorcery or the default karma spells. Information on the default karma spells can be found below.

Using Karma

You can see the your current karma level in the "Using your karma" window. You use karma by right clicking on your body:

How to find the karma menu The current options available on the menu
Karma Menu.png Karma Options.png

Karma options Description
Light up 50 tiles radius (500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 50 tiles radius.
Light up 100 tiles radius (1500 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 100 tiles radius.
Light up 200 tiles radius (3000 karma) Lights up any lanterns within 200 tiles radius.
Summon corpse (3000 karma, 5 minutes delay) Summons your corpse in your inventory.
  • If you have multiple corpses in the world, this summons the corpse with the most items.
Town Portal (1000 karma, enemies block)
  • Instantly teleports you back to your village.
  • Any enemies within a certain unknown range will stop you from making the portal.
  • Does not teleport your mount.
  • Only works if you have been a member of the village for more than 24 hours.