Source salt

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Source salt
A Source salt
  • Source salt (0.03 kg)
Skill and improvement


This pink salt comes from the Source, which is believed to be the essence of the future.


  • A 0.03 kg piece of source salt gives 30 karma when eaten.
  • Can be used in the place of normal salt in meals.
  • When combined with blood various tool enhancing potions can be created.


  • When placed into a food storage bin or a crate, the source salt stored in units weighing 0.001 kg each; a single 0.03kg piece of source salt turns into 30 individual 0.001 kg units.
    • Since karma is granted per unit of weight, a 0.001kg piece of source salt gives 1 karma, and you do not gain less karma by placing source salt in bins before eating.
    • It takes .01 kg of source salt to make a potion from blood.
  • Source salt is technically food, so eating it may alter your nutrition slightly.
  • Can be combined (maximum combined weight of 0.06 kg)

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