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A Key
  • Key
  • Failed - .50 Ql lost off the Key form (and .005 from copper lump)
Skill and improvement


A metal key with a few large teeth.


Used to lock or unlock different kinds of locks despite matters of permissions or who the lock's original creator was.

A copy of a key will lock or unlock the same lock which the original key does.


  • The quality of the key form affects your success chance when creating.
  • The quality of the copper lump affects the quality of the resulting key.
  • Original keys that are created along with certain types of lock are made of iron instead of copper.
  • The original key's quality will always match the lock's quality.
  • A copy of a key will include "It has some weird dents" in its examine description, even when a copy of a copy.
  • Original keys placed in trash heaps do not decay, nor do they decay when left off-deed. Sacrificing keys in an altar does, however, effectively eliminate them.