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Levelling is the digging process of taking an adjacent tile to the same level as the one being stood on (the reference tile). The reference tile must be flat; a tile is considered flat when all four corners are of the same height, which can be seen by examining tile borders. If all 4 borders around a tile are reported as "level", the tile is flat.

How to level a tile

When standing on an already flat tile, select the level command by right-clicking on the required adjacent tile with a shovel activated.

  • If the tile to be levelled is lower (or contains less dirt) than the reference tile dirt (or sand) must be held in the player inventory to begin.
  • If the tile to be levelled is higher (or contains more dirt) than the reference tile the player inventory must have space for at least one dirt to begin.

This dirt is then dropped or collected automatically to bring the selected tile to the same height as the reference tile. The process will continue until the tile is level as long as new dirt is brought into the inventory for raising, emptied from the inventory for lowering, or the player runs out of stamina.


  • As with flattening, when lowering a tile levelling will stop once rock is found in one corner. Since levelling typically takes or adds two dirts at a time it is possible to repeatedly select level to remove the one dirt from the corner which has not hit rock.
  • With at least 70 digging skill you can level resource tiles, such as clay or tar, as long as no corner needs to be raised. You will get dirt for lowering the corner instead of the resource. If a corner needs to be raised you will receive the message Some corners can't be modified and the levelling action stops.
  • If used on a dirt(or similar) tile, you will lower one corner every 5 seconds. If used on a cave floor tile, you will lower one corner every 10 seconds.

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