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A Shovel
  • Shovel - (2.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A tool for digging.

Shovel is a versatile tool used mainly for digging and terraforming.


When creating a shovel, the quality of the shaft affects success chance. The quality of the shovel blade affects the initial quality of the shovel.


Skills & Characteristics

When using a shovel

When creating a shovel


  • Shoveler at 50 skill
  • Packer at 70 skill
  • Undertaker at 90 skill
  • Ace Of Spades at 100 skill

See Also

Crude shovel

WARNING: The shovel given with the beginner set is made out of birchwood and is burnable. Take care as to not accidentally burn it to fuel a campfire, forge or oven! If you lose it in this way, you will have to either make a new one from scratch or ask other players for help in acquiring a new one.