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Linking is the process by which multiple priests or champions can add their favor to a main priest who need additional favor to cast higher level spells. This will allow the recipient access to your favor but not the other way around.


  • Activate your statuette (All priesting linking must belong to the same god).
  • Right-click on the priest you want to give favor to, select 'Link'. Each priest that wants to add favor must do this to the main priest who will be doing the casting.
  • To terminate the link, right-click a tile and select 'Link'.

Priest 2, 70 favor --> (gives 50 favor)-->

                                          Priest 1 (the caster),100 favor to start, 110 extra favor from linking, 210 total favor

Priest 3, 80 favor --->(gives 60 favor)-->


  • Linked priests will only share their total favor minus 20.
  • Linking does not increase the rate at which favor regenerates. If for example you were to break the link you'd still have the same amount of favor that you would have had if you were unlinked. (Linking adds the 2 priest's favor together. It does not grant you faster charging times for a single character.)
  • Certain high-end spells can only be cast by linking, as they require more than 99 favor.
  • Linking can only be done by priests or champions, and only between those of the same god.
  • The Event windows says the link works over 4 tiles but testing has revealed link hold over 200 tiles but transfer of favor only happens over a max of 10 tiles.

[13:00:28] <Sincor> [13:00:19] You link your faith with Lithane and he may now use your favor to cast spells while you're within about 4 tiles.

  • Each link increases the difficulty of the spell being cast by 3. For example, being linked to 3 other priests would increase the difficulty by 9.
  • The maximum number of links you can have is [(channeling skill / 10) +1}] Example - 5 channeling = 1 possible link, 11 channeling = 2 links, 72 channeling = 8 possible links
  • Instead of reducing favor regeneration, linking now reduces channeling skill gain depending on the number of links.
    • For up to two links there is no skillgain penalty.
    • For more than two additional linked characters, the penalty is 15% less skillgain for each linked character. The penalty is capped up to 90% less skillgain.
  • In order to cast a spell while linked, the following 2 conditions must be true:
  1. Total available group favor must be at least the minimum favor cost for that spell. Available favor = [(combined favor of recipient and linkers) - (20 * number of linkers)]
  2. Even if the linkers have enough favor to cast the spell, the recipient must still reach a minimum favor level depending on the spell. Example - Opulence or bless requires the recipient to reach at least 10 favor, CoC & WoA require at least 15 favor.]