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Priests are players who have completely devoted themselves to their chosen god (or deity). The priest is rewarded for their devotion by the ability to cast spells and the chance to become a champion.


Main article: Convert

To become a priest a follower can either make a pilgrimage to the white light's Altar of Three on Chaos or Elevation, or the black light's Bone Altar on Elevation, depending on the god they follow. Another priest of the same religion may also convert a follower if the requirements are right (PvE Servers only).

  • The follower requires a minimum of 30 faith when to be converted by a priest, and the priest must have at least 40.
  • On Chaos a follower with 30 faith may visit the Altar of Three or Bone Altar to become a priest.
  • On the Epic cluster with 30 faith may visit the Altar of Three or Bone Altar on Elevation to become a priest.
  • Any character wishing to become a priest must have active premium time.
Altar Text

You may chose to become a priest of <your god>
If you answer yes, you will receive special powers from your deity, such as the ability to cast spells.
You must also walk this path if you strive to become a Champion of <your god>.
You will however by very limited in what you can do.
You will for instance not be able to do such things as dig, mine, improve items, or use alchemy.
You will also not be able to steal, pick locks or destroy structures to mention just a few other limitations.
If you later decide to become a Champion of <your god> these restrictions will be lifted.
As a Champion, you may only escape death a few times though.
If your faith ever fails you, you will lose your priesthood.
Do you want to become a priest of <your god> despite the severe limitations it will have on your actions?

Changing faith

If a priest ever feels the need to begin worshiping a different god, they may be converted by a follower of that faith. Doing so will reduce the faith of the converted to 20% of the preaching skill of the converter, meaning they will no longer be a priest. As above, either of the special altars may also be used, but this will result in faith being set to 1.


With great power comes restriction; priests forbidden by their gods from undertaking a multitude of activities. Although it's possible to go unfaithful and ignore your god, the repercussions are not accepted well. Faith will be removed if the actions are noticed by the gods.

Priests typically cannot do any of the following actions (any exceptions are listed in the table below). See the table below for details.

  • Improve or destroy/bash items, walls or structures, or repair structures. However they are permitted to create, continue and plan items and structures.
  • Dig or cut wood
  • Pack dirt or pave.
  • Mine, prospect, or tunnel.
  • Cannot steal.
Comparison table
Digging Woodcutting Mining Paving Steal & Destroy Structures Farming, Gardening & Taming

Losing faith

Going against the will of a god will anger them and as a result the priest will lose faith, the amount lost depends entirely on the action taken. If a priest is to ever drop below 30 faith they will be stripped of their priesthood and re-join the ranks of the followers with an added 10 point loss in faith, leaving them at 20.

<God> no longer accepts you as a priest!


Once a player runs out of premium time their faith and favor will be limited to 30 and they will temporarily lose priesthood. Once premium time is renewed all skills and priesthood will revert back. Priests who are no longer premium become followers and are therefore not under the strict limitations described in the table above, meaning there will be no severe faith loss for going unfaithful while non-premium. However sometimes the gods will punish followers for disobedience, so it may be wise not to test the will of the gods.

Faith gain beyond 30 is not possible for non-premium accounts.