Lore:Siege of Libilian Outlawz

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Siege of Libilian Outlawz
Date: August 5th, 2007
Location: Libilian Outlaws
Result: HOTS Victory, Successful Defence
Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon
Towns: Libilian Outlaws Hammerfell
Independent Settlers
Fort Mole
Strength: 15-18 warriors
Zombie Trolls
Town Guards
29 warriors
Pet Crocs and Bears

The Jenn-Kellon army entered the dark, stinking northwestern troll lands, with the intent to destroy the new Libilian menace that inhabited these lands. A fortress under construction by Libilian Outlaws had been sighted by several scouts deep within the forests. Any BlackLight stronghold so close to WhiteLight lands could not be allowed.

As the army marched approached, they were soon seen by a lone scout. The WL army, realizing the time and place of the attack had been revealed, decided to began preparing siege equipment immediately.

There were far more defenders present then was expected, apparently they had been preparing even before sighting the attacking army, and had raised numerous Zombies to assist them. The determined attack force set up camp near the deed, right outside a large earthwork wall. It was soon realized by the attackers that the rear was much less fortified, but it was decided to continue attacking from the original position.

An encampment and mine were quickly set up as the forces of LO came out with many zombie trolls to meet the attackers. Constant clashes occured around the area of the siege encampment. The defenders, while taking some losses, were unable to prevent the breaching attempts on the town's incomplete outer defenses.

A section of the earthworks was breached in approximately an hour, and catapult strikes were being directed at the inner stone walls. A pathway to the town center was cleared so the attackers started to directly engage the town guards; however, constant pressure from defenders in the breach - despite heavy losses - forced the attacks back. The attackers at this point were weakened from many injuries caused by the enemies Zombies, while the defenders kept returning to fight again after their deaths.

Constant counter-attacks and word of fresh reinforcements from other BlackLight towns, convinced the attackers to get ready to withdraw. However, a deep shaft was opened by the mining team, and several attackers and their rescuers became stuck. A significant chunk of the attackers force became busy with rescue, and they found themselves outnumbered on the surface. When the BL executed a savage attack, the WLers went on the defensive and they were pushed into their siege encampment, as stragglers from the mine trickled in. The camp was surrounded and the BL used zombietrolls and mauls to break in. The WL army panicked, grabbed what loot was at hand and fled towards the safety of a nearby outpost.

The majority of the raidforce was able to make it to the outpost; however, several warriors fell behind and were slaughtered with no attempt made to aid them...

Since that fateful day, the northwestern lands have fallen more and more under the taint of the Goddess Libila. They continue to resist attempts to drive them out, but the Libilian inhabitants of the central lands were not as fortunate. They left their homes in a exodus to join their brothers in the Northwest, and their lands were claimed by Jenn-Kellon.