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Market stall
A Market stall
Total materials
  • Market stall (43.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A market stall made for the purpose of vending goods.

Market stall is a tile-size, cloth-covered wooden structure that looks like it has something to offer.


You may place a personal merchant in the market stall to sell your goods.

Transportation and placement

An unfinished market stall can be carried around in your inventory, but when it is complete, it will drop out automatically on the tile you are looking at and can not be picked up again or moved. Be sure to look downwards standing in the center of the tile you intend the market stall to be before completing it.

Additionally, market stall is tile-locked. You should therefore complete the market stall on the tile where you would like it to be placed, as it cannot be pushed or pulled to another tile or loaded into a wagon or large cart. Market stall can be rotated, though.

It will allow you to push or pull, however the Market Stall will not move.

Additionally, the Market Stall will be centered on the tile it completes on, so rotating will allow it to sit squarely on the tile.