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A Wagon
Total materials
Material Breakdown
  • Wagon
Skill and improvement


A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals.


A wagon is a vehicle that requires 21 mind logic to command, and 23 body strength is needed to use the load cargo function.

  • A wagon can carry one passenger, at the very back of the wagon.
  • Can be secured with a small or large padlock.
  • Can't be dragged (must have a minimum of 2 animals hitched to it to move), but can be hauled.

Hitchable Creatures

Many of Wurm's creatures may be hitched to pull a wagon.


  • At least 40 fine carpentry is required to create as well as to continue building a wagon.
  • Last wood piece determines wood type.
  • Plank quality affects creation chance. The QL of additional components plays a major role in the attach chance, especially at lower fine carpentry skill levels.


A wagon normally holds the maximum of 100 items directly in the hold, however, the total capacity of a wagon can be increased by stacking other containers, such as large crates, inside.

Loadable Items

(Not an exhaustive list) Note: You must be embarked as commander in order to be able to load things. Right click them and load them.

When Runed Only


  • Bisons have a speed bonus when dragging wagons making them faster than horses when hitched to a wagon.
  • The wood cannot be dyed with dye, but it can be colored a random color with an adamantine rune of Jackal.
  • Wagons created in the various kingdoms will display the colors specific to each kingdom similar to kingdom banners, but the fabric itself cannot be dyed further.
  • Can be loaded into all ships larger than small sailing boat with the exception of a Cog.
  • Requires the equivalent of approximately 39 large crates of space to be loaded.
  • A vehicle’s quality helps offset the weight in a vehicle, this effect starts at above 30 quality and will reduce the weight penalty up to 3x at 100 quality.

Wagon Styles

Wagons from PVP Kingdoms have different designs on the cloth portion and are sometimes considered collectors editions. If a kingdom changes their designs, current wagons will change to that new design.