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A Wagon
Total materials
  • Wagon
Skill and improvement


A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals.

A wagon is a vehicle that requires 21 mind logic to command.


Total Materials

Useful capacity quantities

The capacity of a wagon can be adjusted by stacking other containers, such as large crates, inside. Up to 12 large crates or 20 small crates can be loaded on a wagon. Up to 9 large crates and a forge can also fit. Can hold 2 Creature cages.


  • A wagon can carry one passenger, at the very back of the wagon.
  • At least 40 fine carpentry is required to create as well as to continue building a wagon.
  • Last wood piece determines wood type.
  • Wagons can hold 20 small crates or 12 large crates or 27 rafts.
  • Can be loaded with at least 60+ felled trees - up to around 75 when runed.
  • Bisons have a speed bonus when dragging wagons making them faster than horses when hitched to a wagon.
  • Can be secured with a small or large padlock.
  • 21 mind logic is needed to command it
  • 23 Body Strength is needed to use the load cargo function
  • Plank quality affects creation chance. The QL of additional components plays a major role in the attach chance, especially at lower fine carpentry skill levels.
  • At 50 fine carpentry skill, with a 25.97ql plank, the creation chance was 9%. At 50 fine carpentry skill, with a 45.56ql plank, the creation chance was 19%.
  • At 40 fine carpentry skill, with a 20.76ql plank, the creation chance was 0%. With a 31.20ql or 32.84ql plank and the same skill level, the creation chance was 8%. With a 46.82ql plank, the creation chance was 13%.
  • Can't be dragged (needs animals hitched to it to drive).
  • Can be hauled
  • Requires at least 2 animals hitched to move.
  • The wood cannot be dyed with dye, but can be colored a random color with an Adamantine rune of Jackal.
  • Wagons created in the various kingdoms will display the colors specific to each kingdom similar to kingdom banners, but the fabric itself cannot be dyed further.
  • Can be loaded into all ships larger than Small sailing boat with the exception of a Cog.
  • Requires the equivalent of approximately 39 large crates of space to be loaded.
  • Hunger is the primary and quite rare reason that a creature may go aggressive, attack, and kill another that is hitched or destroy the barrier protecting said animal and then kill it.

Loadable Items

(not all currently listed) Note: You must be embarked as commander in order to be able to load things. Right click them and load them.

When Runed Only

Non-loadable items

See Load cargo for exhaustive list of loadable/non-loadable items by smallest vehicle type.