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The currency of Wurm is represented by coins of various metal types, however a player cannot create money using raw materials. Coin is predominately obtained by purchasing it via the Wurm online Shop however there are many other ways to gain coin in game.

  • There is a low chance to get rare coins in the following ways:


The Bank of Wurm states the lowest currency unit in Wurm to be one iron coin (1i).

Iron (i) Copper (c) Silver (s) Gold (g)
1 0.01 0.0001 0.000001
100 1 0.01 0.0001
10,000 100 1 0.01
1,000,000 10,000 100 1


See also

  • Bank account
  • Miron - the unit used in Wurm's economy logging system
  • Shopping contains a calculator for adding up different amounts of coins. Good for working out just how much something will cost you.